Im•ag•in•a•ri•um  |  Noun


Refers to a place devoted to the imagination.

There are various types of imaginaria, centers largely devoted to stimulating and cultivating the imagination, towards scientific, artistic or commercial ends.


The only limit to your impact is your imagination and your commitment.

The term 'imaginarium' was playfully coined by the team at Komodo to describe an afternoon spent in the meeting room, coming up with and testing industry-inspired ideas. Since then, the name has stuck. As our R&D efforts have grown, it seemed the perfect opportunity to make the term official and share our imagination around.

We think it serves as the perfect reminder to stay playful, be inquisitive and to always keep an eye on where things are going and how the world could be different.


Secure, Integrated Operations.

Influenced by our collaboration with the one of the UK’s leading police forces and an increasing interest in drone technology our self-developed drone platform, Overwatch, sets about putting drones to work.

A time and cost saving tool, Overwatch enhances operational performance through secure drone operations - integrated with your own server infrastructure and systems.

See it in action

Automate the capture of high resolution imagery.

With Overwatch's intelligent scene scan technology, your drone will autonomously capture a high resolution image of the selected area from above. Developed with security and a closed loop in mind, your data will never be shared outside your network.

Amazon Echo

"Alexa, pay my rent".

Home automation and the Internet of Things are no longer reserved for the future, they're here now. Our team are currently exploring the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning with integrated smart home solutions.

Get in touch to discover how voice-controlled personal assistants can change your customer's lives for the better.


Imagination creates (virtual) reality.

— Richard Wagner (kind of)

We Never Stop Exploring.

We've invested in state of the art mixed reality equipment, including the AR pioneering Microsoft Hololens and an Oculus Rift VR headset. Come in and see what the latest technology could do for your business.