College Of Policing: Membership Platform

An Intuitive Web-Based Membership Platform For Policing

Measuring Success

Every project has a unique story. However, success should always be measurable. Here are the stats and facts that sets this project apart.

Delivered within the 6-month deadline

Major UX/UI Overhaul

Multiple supplier collaboration

Setting the Scene

We already worked with The College of Policing to produce a professional development product giving people in policing the information they need to plan their future careers in the organisation. So, we were keen to work with the client’s team again to further develop their existing membership platform. Read on to find out how we did.



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Trust the Process

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What Did Users Actually Want?

Before we got underway with the work, we needed to take time to understand what users of the platform actually needed. Research showed us that the project was more than just redesigning the membership platform.

We delved into the core user journeys through that platform to find the project wasn't just fixing colour schemes and adding slick imagery - it was about restructuring the entire user experience. Principally, there were front-end considerations around the UI of the platform to make it more appealing, but also focusing on the accessibility of the product for the end-user.


Sharpening The Focus

Every decision, no matter how small, could present large implications for the software engineers working on the underlying membership product. Part of the UX design involved influencing flows and information architecture (IA), so we had some guiding rails for how we could make the platform better without reinventing the wheel.

We worked in sync with the third party software engineers to create something that met the brief while not causing any significant redevelopment work for them.


Creative Purpose

So, the creative process needed to focus on discovering the highest value routes to improve the membership platform.

We focused on high impact areas based on our defined goals. For example, creating a standardised design system that fits with the needs of the service, yet provided consistency across the product - boosting accessibility and lending familiarity to the Information Architecture.


Collaborative Execution

For this project, we worked alongside an existing third-party development capacity to create a sticky experience for College of Policing members. By creating a more intuitive user experience and adhering to consistent design principles, we streamline the design process based on our own expertise to assist the third-party software engineers.

By running several workshops with both end-users and third-party software engineers, we created an end product that completely transformed the platform’s UX. All while meeting the tight six-month deadline.


The Outcome

The results were a hit with the end-user who found the product was overall a more usable experience while retaining familiarity without losing the familiarity from the previous version.

The College of Policing were more than satisfied with the final result. The involvement of stakeholders from all levels contributed to a refocused product experience that fulfilled the brief and improved end-user engagement.

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