College of Policing – Professional Development

A Web-Based Professional Development Platform For Policing

Measuring Success

Every project has a unique story. However, success should always be measurable. Here are the stats and facts that sets this project apart.

Excellent Feedback From Members Across The Force

Full Accessibility Compliance

Bespoke WordPress Implementation

Setting the Scene

At KOMODO, we actively seek out challenges that we know will make a difference to real people. When the opportunity arose to pitch against 36 other agencies to redevelop the College Of Policing’s (COP) professional development platform, we simply couldn’t resist. There was the confidence we could deliver above and beyond the institution’s high expectations.

We needed to build an accessible platform. One that presented information clearly, so people in policing could tap into it at any point to gain a wider understanding of how to progress within policing.



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Trust the Process

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Creating A Platform For Everyone

Over recent years, it became clear to the COP that information regarding professional development, such as career paths, disciplines and required skills, was not easily available to ALL staff working in policing. A tool like this could be instrumental to the professional lives of thousands of people, so we had to get it right.

We knew from the word go that researching employee opinions would be crucial, or we’d just be rehashing a prettier version of the existing platform. As with all of our projects, we took an active listening approach. We had to talk to people working in policing every day. What are their roles? What are the common career paths? How do they engage with career development? How do they consume content? Our first step was to collect these valuable first-hand perspectives.

One outcome of this research phase was the decision to make the product publicly available, rather than behind a login or only accessible by on-site devices. This opens the doors for people looking to get into policing, as well as those already in the jobs wanting to browse at home in their own time.


ALL Heads Accounted For

We knew from the brief that there were several high-level challenges across the development platform from UX/UI to accessibility. We needed to clearly understand what we could do to target these challenges and provide the best experience possible for all users.

While mapping out the new product, we carried out three workshops on-site with target users. By spending time with internal project stakeholders and selected end-users, we could further grow our understanding of how the platform needed to look and what it needed to do. As a result, we were able to centre the project around the users’ needs from the start.


Intelligent Use Of Feedback

We love creative design just as much as anyone, but this was not the right time to show off. Instead, we focused on creating something that would be familiar to users from all backgrounds, rather than reinventing the wheel.

While the client already had an older platform in place, the lack of responsiveness and poor UX meant that the starting usage figures for this platform were low. So, we knew prototyping was going to be an intelligent, user-centred approach to delivering results for clients and users.

This feedback cycle continued throughout the early stages. Using InVision, we put together an interactive prototype to create a usable solution to help garner an initial reaction. A smart way to invest our client's budget without spending hours writing code.


Making A Difference

Once we were ready to progress past early iterations of the product, we knew we’d found the best solution to our problem. Something that was accessible by design and opened up the doors to those in policing.

We were diligent in design and development to meet the Government’s Digital Standards. It was also critical what we developed could be accessed on a variety of devices (mobile responsiveness was a key). It was all about creating something simple to navigate yet able to house a vast quantity of text.


The Outcome

Active listening and continued learning resulted in a self-service tool that not only delivered against the initial brief but took into account the needs of the end-user; exceeding expectations all around.

The devil is in the detail. So much of what makes this a successful UX/UI project came from end-user research. From highlighting active links to making large quantities of text more digestible. Changes like simply using a page background colour to support people with dyslexia made a huge difference.

As a result of our collaborative approach, we delivered one of the best-received digital projects that the client has launched over the last few years.

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