A bespoke tablet app for in-the-field ammunition management

Measuring Success

Every project has a unique story. However, success should always be measurable. Here are the stats and facts that sets this project apart.

First Of Its Kind Digital Transformation Project

4 Years + In The Field

Successful Global Deployment

Setting the Scene

KOMODO was chosen to partner with the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian De-mining (GICHD) in the development of a tablet version of their entire Ammunition Safety Management (ASM) Toolset.

This is a project with the very real aim of reducing worldwide civilian casualties from abandoned and unmanaged ammunition generally found in locations where the infrastructure is least equipped or able to afford to deal with it safely.



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Researching Use

Early on, it was clear that internet connectivity would be an issue for the majority of users. Often it is limited and often non-existent in many of the locations where ammunition technicians operate in.

Our research lead us to the conclusion that the app had to be effectively self-contained and cache data until a connection to the internet can be re-established.


Detailing Scope Is Critical

By undertaking research, developing standards and disseminating knowledge, the GICHD supports capacity development in mine-affected countries and those holding deteriorating, dangerous stocks of ammunition and explosives.

As part of this support, the GICHD works with national and local authorities to help them plan, coordinate, implement, monitor and evaluate mine action programmes. We need to create a solution that worked on two levels. It needed to be optimised for low-no connectivity scenarios and optimised for ease of access on tablets for in the field usability.


Dialled Back For Usability

There’s a time and a place for aesthetics, but this wasn’t one. Usability is understandably critical, so the app has been designed to be graphically minimal and simple with emphasis on the clear presentation of content.

The context shapes the medium. So, discovering the optimum way to build the user experience was developing sound Information Architecture and simple in-app actions.


Built For Cross-Platform Functionality

To align with the defined goals of accessibility and usability, we developed using Cordova. This choice allowed the app can be easily rolled out and maintained as well as opening it up to exist cross-platform. Something crucial to success was to enable users across the world to interact with different device types.


The Outcome

Reflecting on the project, the outcomes were solid. The app was well-received by ammunition specialists, helping them in the day-to-day running of ammunition storage, developing standard operating procedures, enhancing the safety and security of ammunition stockpiles, and coaching personnel.

Delivering on the core areas in the brief, this first-of-its-kind app has been deployed in the field for over four years.

A testament to the build overall and the strong collaboration between KOMODO and the GICHD.

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