ITV Signed Stories

Award-Winning Animated Storytelling App To Help Children Learn BSL And ASL

Measuring Success

Every project has a unique story. However, success should always be measurable. Here are the stats and facts that sets this project apart.

Optimised for on-the-go use

Award-winning app - including recognition from the Royal Television Society

Full integration with custom CMS

Setting the Scene

Signed Stories is an award-winning iPhone and iPad application, designed and developed for ITV SignPost by KOMODO Digital and published by ITV Broadcasting Limited.

The first of its kind iOS app was designed from scratch with an easy to use intuitive navigation. Using British and American Sign Language, the app makes watching stories and playing games fun and inclusive for everyone.



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Trust the Process

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Tailored By Experts

Signed Stories has been developed by sign language experts to make brilliant books accessible to deaf and hearing children, and those with special educational needs including Autism, Dyslexia, Down’s Syndrome, Asperger’s and Cerebral Palsy.

To translate from story to screen, first, we needed to understand the core usability challenges faced by young people for which the concept was created. Working with the research from experts and input from young people, we built a picture of how the app needed to function.


User-Centred Approach to Planning

Based on findings from research, we needed to scope out the requirements that put the user in the driver's seat, focusing on usability needs and specialist features for different disabilities.

We created key user flows and personas to shape and cater for these various cases. This included planning around core aspects such as navigation and information architecture.


An Exciting Experience

The joy in creating this app was in the creative scope you have when working on a children's app. The scope for ideas to make this app exciting for young people was a welcome challenge.

Coming up with features like personalised bookshelves and customisable looks for the app allowed us to design nine beautifully detailed backgrounds, complete with a selection of brightly coloured characters and animations.


Reading Stories On The Move

The app integrates with ITV Signed Stories’ Content Management System which also powers the Signed Stories website. This means that the video files, the book cover and the other assets for each new story only need to be uploaded to the CMS once, streamlining the production and distribution process.

An iPhone version enables reading stories on the move, which can synchronise purchases so that they’re also available across devices. Impressively, there are currently over 100 books available to buy with a choice of either American Sign Language or British Sign Language, with many more on their way!


The Outcome

Following its release, the app went on to win several awards and receive positive reviews from users.

It’s great to make a difference working on projects like this and show off the growing tech scene here in Newcastle. Malcolm Wright, Director of Production at ITV said “We worked with KOMODO Digital because we are North East-based and keen to work with the excellent regional talent.”

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