A Cross-Platform Mobile App To Support Caregivers & Improve Healthcare Response

Measuring Success

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MVP in 4 months

Successful Beta Trial

Secure API integration

Setting the Scene

KOMODO worked with TyneTec (TT), a division of Legrand, to deliver a mobile technology solution that allowed for improved management of resident needs, including reduced response time to alerts and seamless transition to on-shift task management.

TT, which is a subsidiary of manufacturing giant LeGrand that provides care homes with a hardware-based alerts system that synchronises with pagers. It was the latter element that TT brought KOMODO onto overhaul. As care home providers were retiring outdated pager systems, digital transformation was necessary to modernise care and broaden healthcare workers’ capabilities.



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Trust the Process

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Active Listening

We visited TT HQ during a period of active listening, so we could get a fuller understanding of the problem and how we could apply our technical expertise to the solution.

TT’s customers wanted to get accurate and relevant information into the hands of caregivers quicker, with the flexibility to mute notifications when off-shift or working elsewhere. Understanding the needs, wants and frustrations of actual users is a cornerstone of creating the best possible outcomes.


Transparency Is Key

Firstly, we mapped out the business knowledge and UX of what the product needed to do, and how it would be used by caregivers - here we found the ‘sweet spot’ between the two, which formed a basis for the build.

For us, transparency is key - we never overcomplicate or seek to lock our clients out of our products; we want our technology to empower our clients and their users, not create even more headaches down the line. That’s why we decided to build this mobile product in Xamarin. The natural technology stack in one style of language allowed us to easily transition the product to be managed in-house when the time was right.


User-Centred Solutions

We were keen to keep the account management process as simple as possible, as the point of the technology was to save busy caregivers time and improve their service, not create another hoop for them to jump through. Luckily, many solutions come directly from our early-stage research into user pain points and needs based on their daily tasks.

One successful feature was giving nurses and caregivers the ability to install the app on their devices, but not need to create an account. Instead, the admin manages users, which negates the risks surrounding storing personal data on devices.

Meanwhile, the app itself would contain no personal data - it is merely a mechanism for delivering notifications to the caregiver, so they can do their job more efficiently.


Continued Progress

Thanks to the integration with TT’s pre-existing hardware eco-systems, if a resident pulls the cord, it pings the mobile app and a caregiver can see the location, time and which cord, so they can prioritise the alerts accordingly.

Through the development of this app with TT, we’ve formed a powerful working relationship that encourages collaboration and, as a result, acts as a breeding ground for ongoing product testing and improvement. This is a case of getting all the best minds together to solve a problem and delivering something that goes above and beyond the customer’s expectations.


The Outcome

At KOMODO, we’re here to make a difference. It’s about creating products that make the lives of our clients and their customers easier, all while driving commercial growth for the client by equipping them with next-level technology and the knowledge they need to actively manage and improve this themselves if that’s what they choose to do.

As the partnership with TT developed, key stakeholders started asking for more capability. The project gained momentum internally and, with this wind in our sails, we remained flexible and agile throughout - but not distracted away from our initial task of developing a mobile product to improve the experience of caregivers and residents in care homes.

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