Giving Drivers Full Control over their Data

Theo is a small and compact device, with built-in 4G that fits seamlessly to any vehicle’s windscreen. With a high-quality dash cam, sensors and reactive intelligent voice, Theo ensures all eyes are on the road - giving drivers total peace of mind.

The accompanying mobile app, designed and developed by Komodo, allows drivers to track journeys, record and control driving data and unlock a world of benefits for safer drivers.

Stress Free Journeys with Theo

The idea for Theo came around with the idea of turning every car into a smart car. Revolutionising the black box into a desirable device that’s affordable and packs many more features. The main benefit being that safer drivers are rewarded, all drivers are treated fairly and driving will improve with Theo in the car.

With values between the idea and teams in alignment, we believed going forward that this product would bring a positive impact into the insuretech scene.

Going the Extra Mile

Theo is all about being open, helpful and honest. That’s why it was important for us to make the app’s scoring and driving data easy to read and clear to understand the reasoning behind the scores. The breakdown of scores allows drivers to know what actions to take on their next journey to improve their score. While feature of rewards and incentives provide positive reinforcement to highlight the good in a person’s driving and not make the app a mentally negative experience.

theo logo theo app

Being a start up company, it’s so important to be able to sell what you’re offering. Not only did we provide our full end-to-end services from user flows all the way to bug testing. We made sure to offer Theo the best by creating them a cross platform react native app, and not just stop design at static screens by bringing the design to life with motion design to bring a higher aesthetic. An extra mile was also pushed to provide marketing materials to aide with sales pitches and app store launches.

Successful delivery of this project came from the collaboration we had between our own development team and Theo’s dev team. Being a part of Theo’s Slack channel, regular contact was made to ensure the project ran along smoothly to meet the benchmarks for testing and launch.

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