5 Step Pathway

This is our proven process; configured to meet your teams’ individual needs and objectives.

All points lead to here. Create. Bringing together all we learn about your product and putting it to action. Building the interfaces, writing the code, and pieceing the jigsaw together. All product stories are different, but here are the moving parts that feature in the Create step.

The Ultimate Guide to Rapid Prototyping For Successful Digital Product Design

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Hype The Prototype

During any design sprint, prototyping is the clay used to shape your product. Prototyping is heavily inspired by the Ideate stage and turns concepts into reality. Building and testing as we go. Quickly moving from early wireframes to low-fidelity and high-fidelity versions.

Bringing all the best ideas from Ideation forwards, we establish how your users will interact with the product and test different versions with real users where possible. Creating as many iterations as needed in order to arrive at the optimal design solution.


Award-winning app - including recognition from the Royal Television Society


Design Striking, User-Focused Products

The goal is to deliver a return on investment with your design. The whole process is geared towards creating the best product for your user and in turn your business’ bottom line. When we hand over your final designs, you can be sure we’ll have collaborated with you and advocated for your users at every stage.


Build Robust, Cross-Platform Mobile Apps For Ios & Android

Get Development Services

Take A Proven Approach To Software Development Using The Best Tools And Industry-Leading Processes

When it comes to software development, you need to use the best tools for the job. When you work with us, we’re equipped to deal with your challenges with an engineering team that works in frameworks and languages that are leading the way and more than robust enough for your requirements.

We do our best to align with your current technology requirements and if you’re unsure, our expert consultants are here to guide you on what tech stacks will produce the best results for you and your user.

Step-By-Step Guide to Our Design Process: EV Charging App

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Robust Engineering, Built To Last

Drawing on industry best practices and intelligent internal processes, you can be sure the end-product will be technically sound. Built to your user's needs and specifications, we’ll deliver against our high standards so you can deploy with confidence.

Software is never done. But we’ll get to a stage where you can be confident that your technology will work for your users and deliver a strong return on your investment. KOMODO will always be open to long-term collaboration to ensure your product’s stability, no matter the challenges the future may hold.

What best describes your project?

Typically we deliver value into 3 tracks. Choose the one that best fits your own story.


You are changing the game and creating a unicorn.

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Things haven’t gone to plan. Ctrl/Alt/Delete.

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You have a good product but need a ‘great’ product.

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We apply understanding, creativity and intelligence to deliver strong digital product design ROI.


All client partner products have unique narratives but typically we add value into one of 3 tracks.

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