5 Step Pathway

This is our proven process; configured to meet your teams’ individual needs and objectives.

Turn on the creative engine, come up with ideas and uncover innovative solutions for your digital product. Yes, it’s time to Ideate.

Innovation Establishes Leaders

With the foundations of the project laid, creativity comes into play. At this stage, it’s time to leverage the work put into understanding your user and defining the problem to identify unique solutions.

Volume and quantity is the name of the game. By fully opening up to multiple possibilities, you stand a better chance at finding the best ideas to take forward. Think fast, stay loose and don’t fear failure.

No matter the idea - as long as it focuses on users’ needs, wants and frustrations - it’s a goal in the net. As a creative product studio, the Ideation step is where we can get our teeth sunk into your challenges and find game-changing product innovation.

Design Driven Companies Outperform The S&P Index BY 219% Over 10 Years

Design Thinking

Champion Your Users At Every Stage

Your target users must always be central to everything. So, we correctly frame your challenges and focus creative ideation in the most productive direction.

Research is the foundation. Innovation can be found in many different forms. Users are the beneficiaries.

Give Creativity Space To Thrive

Creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum; it requires many voices. We’ve perfected our ideation methods to get the most out of research data and the creativity of people involved in the process.

We’re not afraid to use all the tools at our disposal to capitalise on innovation periods. We’ll twist, bend and reshape creative inputs to uncover the best ideas. We use a variety of divergent and convergent ideation techniques to maximise creative output.


£3m Investment Secured


Dare To Experiment; Prepare To Discover

Creativity is a mindset crucial in the Ideation step. When you explore to learn, you’ll discover so much oppourtunity in your product and find the hidden oppourtunities that others miss.

KOMODO will get the most out of your ideas, taking the best forward to begin creating the better digital products and services.

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