Onward Living

Crafting a premium home buying experience for a leading property provider

Measuring Success

Every project has a unique story. However, success should always be measurable. Here are the stats and facts that sets this project apart.

Enabling Rapid Scaling Ambitions For 2030

MVP in 16 Weeks

Multiple 3rd Party Integrations

Setting the Scene

Onward is a leading provider of quality, affordable homes for rent and sale in the North West. Once a collection of five individual organisations, they now own and manage over 35,000 homes across the region.

Their mission is to make a real difference to the lives of their customers, enabling easy to use and preferable online services through scaled digital adoption and transformation.



Products on the Refinement Track come in all shapes and sizes. You’ve got a product, people are using it and it’s currently not on fire. However, competition is rife, your market is teaming with would-be substitutes and alternatives. You’ve had the realisation that there’s work to be done. You know good isn’t great.

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Trust the Process

Our 5-Step process is core to all we do. Working through each project, we apply each step to maximise our output and bring a proven process to our work. All steps are configured to meet your teams’ individual needs and objectives. Here’s a sample of each step in action.


User Discovery

Having worked with Onward before, they were keen to take part in another discovery session to get a strong idea of who the main user of this site will be. We ran a full day discovery session to uncover their key users and their needs and frustrations with current solutions.

The outcome of this session was detailed user personas, high-level user stories and also a planned out site map for the Onward Living site, This gave us a clear vision of the requirements from Onward and an understanding of the project from a user perspective.


Identifying The Best User Experience

Onward Living provide a wide range of house types across numerous developments in the North West. Homes are available either as shared ownership or through a rent to buy scheme. The Onward Living site allows their customers to view Onward’s developments and find a house that suits them and their budget.

Our main aims were to discover how to best align the site’s user experience to suit the needs of their core user types. To facilitate seamless and modern home-buying. By looking at existing user data, we mapped the importance of each stage of the research and buying process by defining the key output of each stage in the user journey.

UI Design

Better UI could raise your website’s conversion rate by 200%

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Prototyping To Enable Success

Building momentum through prototypes is a powerful approach with refinement projects. With each version, we submitted various prototypes to users and key stakeholders. This collaborative process allowed us to zone in on core components to squeeze the most out of page real estate and guide the users to key conversion actions.


Building The Foundations For Rapid Design & Development

To deliver a project at speed, laying the groundwork goes a long way. Through rapid prototyping and user feedback, we could quickly pull together what was needed to hand over to development.

A thorough design system was put in place to unify the design across the site and provide the developers with additional context to quickly understand what was needed from a user’s perspective - further adding pace to project delivery.


The Outcome

How did the project go? Well, the site was delivered on time and on budget. Creating the driving force behind Onward living ambitious plan to build and fill over 7000 properties by 2030.

Our design and development team has given Onward Living and their customer confidence engaging with property updates and availability across multiple devices to always stay up-to-date on the latest development projects and property opportunities.

Jon Wells, head of communications praised KOMODO’s ability to deliver, saying “KOMODO were proactive, easy to work with and felt they had an informed and focused way of delivering; they were not scared to challenge our thinking which was exactly what we were looking for.” - Job well done, we’d say.

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