A Cross-Platform Mobile App Driving Insurtech Success

Measuring Success

Every project has a unique story. However, success should always be measurable. Here are the stats and facts that sets this project apart.

6-Months To MVP

£3m Investment Secured

20%+ Team Growth

Setting the Scene

The ThingCo team are start-up veterans. They came to us having successfully exited the telematics system, Insure The Box, so it’s safe to say they had some serious pedigree. Their new idea was for a smart 4G-ready in-car tracking device. Theo, as it was called, would integrate with bleeding-edge Amazon infrastructure to function as an intelligent dashcam that monitored user driving data.

The data collected would help both insurers adjust premiums and drivers to improve their skills. But to make this technology appealing, Theo knew they needed a consumer-facing app that would engage its audience.



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Trust the Process

Our 5-Step process is core to all we do. Working through each project, we apply each step to maximise our output and bring a proven process to our work. All steps are configured to meet your teams’ individual needs and objectives. Here’s a sample of each step in action.


Putting Users In The Driving Seat

To focus on providing the best experience possible, within the scope of an MVP, it was essential to understand what users really wanted from the app. In the first instance, defining how drivers would use the app as intended. What features would best enable them to interact with their data?

Building a research portfolio, we quickly moved to understand key user motivators. Looking at established industries both within telematics and other cutting-edge uses to inspire us. Revolution projects allow us to draw inspiration from wider aspects of target users' lives to create a well-rounded and exciting experience.

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Onboarding With A Focus On Collaboration

Our onboarding process always involves a discovery session where we map out the product’s users and the journey to launching an MVP. For Theo, who have an established team, this involved inviting key members to our offices where we broke down the requirements of the product, what users needed from it and which approach would best achieve these goals.

We always consider collaboration from the very beginning of any client project. With Theo, whose team had an existing way of working, we had to figure out the most effective way to collaborate without friction. Both teams already used industry-leading Jira and Slack platforms, which meant we could onboard Theo quickly into our team’s channels and ensure smooth communication throughout.


Intelligent Interpretation Of Complex Data

Theo’s data and utilisation of the AWS infrastructure is so advanced that the CTO of the company has spoken at Amazon events - so we knew we had a lot to live up to when it came to the data complexity and vision involved.

For Theo, we had to understand how we could interpret this data and utilise it intuitively. We had to ask ourselves: ‘can we create a tool that presents this data in a meaningful way?’ Without a compelling reason to interact with the product, users would ignore it.

To get our heads around the problem, we created prototypes and mockups before we ever wrote any code - allowing us to outline our thinking in a way the Theo team could review feedback on before we’d committed to any development time. Our software team worked closely with Theo’s team to understand their APIs and how both sides could perform QA without impacting each other’s workflows.

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Continuous Development Bolstered By Clear Communication

Built with React Native, our mobile development team received a seamless hand-off from design, including a detailed design style guide and branding assets to pair.

We delivered the project in standard 10-day sprints followed by a demo phase at the end of each cycle. Both teams constantly collaborated throughout, thanks to dedicated client Slack channels.

Theo chose to engage us on a retainer basis, which meant we could deliver a continuous level of output that gave them the confidence to know what they would be receiving from each month of work and granted them visibility in planning.

An Insight into Design Thinking


The Outcome

Creating an intuitive and engaging app is a challenge by itself - but when you’re dealing with complex data in an industry that motorists often view as a hindrance, it becomes even harder. But thanks to our UX-focused development process and ThingCo’s data excellence, we managed to achieve compelling solutions to all of their problems. The project managed to:

  • Launch Theo as an MVP in just six months

  • Create an effective system that allows users to track their driving behaviour and report accidents in real-time, and receive support. This feature has now been used frequently in the real world to support users.

  • Attract £3m investment from Comparethemarket through BGL (Holdings) group and internal growth of 20% in team size for ThingCo

For ThingCo, the outcome is clear: we could launch the product they needed in a timescale that allowed them to secure investment, onboard new insurance clients and grow their internal team by 20%.

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