Building an Ammunition Safety Management (ASM) Toolset


ASM Application

Komodo was chosen to partner with the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) in the development of a tablet version of their entire Ammunition Safety Management (ASM) Toolset.

This is a project with the very real aim of reducing worldwide civilian casualties from abandoned and unmanaged ammunition generally found in locations where the infrastructure is least equipped or able to afford to deal with it safely.

Supporting mine-affected countries.

By undertaking research, developing standards and disseminating knowledge, the GICHD supports capacity development in mine-affected countries and those holding deteriorating, dangerous stocks of ammunition and explosives. As part of this support the GICHD works with national and local authorities to help them plan, coordinate, implement, monitor and evaluate mine action programmes.

GICHD Risk Reduction
GICHD iPad screen

Simplifying the risk assessment process.

The ASM Toolset has been developed with the aim of providing in one ‘document’ the entire Ammunition Safety Management (ASM) toolset. The manual has three objectives. Firstly, to provide a single point of reference for all ASM related content and materials. Secondly, to provide a basis for ASM training, education and operations. And lastly, to act as the configuration and quality library for all components of the ASM toolset.

Usability is understandably critical, so the app has been designed to be graphically minimal and simple with emphasis on the clear presentation of content. Developed using Cordova, the app can be easily rolled out and has the ability to exist cross-platform.

GICHD user flow

Ensuring a self contained application.

Recognising that internet connectivity is limited (and often non existent) in many of the locations that ammunition technicians operate in, the app is effectively self contained and will cache data until such time as a connection to the internet can be re-established.

Feedback on the initial releases of the app have been extremely positive and Komodo continue to iterate and improve on the ASM Toolset project with the GICHD.

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