The world’s first animated storytelling iOS app


ITV Signed Stories iOS Application

Signed Stories is an award-winning iPhone and iPad application, designed and developed for ITV SignPost by Komodo Digital and published by ITV Broadcasting Limited.

The first of it's kind iOS app was designed from scratch with an easy to use, intuitive navigation. Using British and American Sign Language, the app makes watching stories and playing games fun and inclusive for everyone.

Setting the scene for storytime.

Learners can personalise and take ownership of their bookshelf by adding their own name, and further customise the look and feel of the app by choosing from one of nine beautifully detailed backgrounds, complete with a selection of brightly coloured characters.

Available to download from the App Store, the app comes complete with one free story. Additional stories are available to buy from the Signed Stories store, via Apple’s in-app purchasing mechanism and charged to a parent, teacher or carer’s iTunes account.

ITV Signed Stories for iPad
ITV Signed Stories for iPhone

Reading stories on the move.

The app integrates with ITV Signed Stories’ Content Management System which also powers the Signed Stories website. This means that the video files, the book cover and the other assets for each new story only need to be uploaded to the CMS once, streamlining the production and distribution process.

An iPhone version enables reading stories on the move, which can synchronise purchases so that they’re also available across devices. Impressively, there are currently over 100 books available to buy with a choice of either American Sign Language or British Sign Language, with many more on their way!

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