Transforming the way policing services are delivered

Northumbria Police

Windows application design & development

Police E-Box is a multi-phased project that sees the integration of mobile technology into police officers day to day workflow, streamlining access to information and reducing load on resource control and radio channels via smartphone technology.

After a competitive public tender process, Komodo were selected to work closely with Northumbria Police in the design and development of a native Windows mobile application. The app has now been deployed and successfully rolled out across the force.


Getting the full picture.

Northumbria Police’s Police E-Box project is transforming the way policing services are delivered to communities. Enabled by technology, officers and support staff have the ability to interact with the information they need in the place that they need it.

Key features include notifying officers when they are allocated to an incident, the ability for officers to easily view the associated data to any incident, and to update previously allocated incidents. Coupled with an easy and intuitive to use pivot control design pattern and access to real time data and intelligence via the device, Police E-Box offers forces priceless efficiency and improved utilisation.

The benefits of using
Police E-Box.

The application provides many benefits to the force, including freeing officers from the confines of their desks when they need to access and log real-time information, and reducing the load on Resource Controllers and respective radio channels.

As a result, the force can improve their preventative policing practices - including their management of vulnerable cases. Though perhaps the biggest benefit is the significant increase in officer capacity and visibility within the community.


User-influenced task flows.

The project was steered by persona-driven user stories as a way of describing the functionality required, as opposed to rigid specifications. Once a full backlog of user stories had been created it was possible to model the user flow through the app in detail, so that all features and functions described within the user stories were incorporated into the design and development workflow.

These detailed task flow diagrams allowed a clear understanding of how each feature was established and were then agreed across the project team. From here the design team would produce high fidelity wireframes, allowing us to understand how all of the elements within the application needed to fit together and provide a consistent user experience.


Creatively Agile.

We know and understand software development to be a creative process that throws up a myriad of challenges over a project lifetime. An Agile approach, with the consent and support of our clients, was the ideal tool to navigate and address challenges and change with minimal disruption to delivery of the Police E-Box project.

We iterated design and development in 2 week sprints rather than adhering to a predetermined schedule, which allowed us to adapt requirements as we progressed through the project and gained feedback from the users.

Martin Ibbotson:I’d like to take this opportunity on behalf of the team to thank everyone involved at Komodo in the development of Police E-Box and look forward to working with you again in the new year on the next iteration of Police E-Box, Crime at Source.
Project Manager, Northumbria Police

Real world application.

Our aim was to produce an application that transitioned effortlessly into the real world for police officers, so regular interaction with the end users was fundamental to the design process. This was facilitated through regular workshops with officers, providing the opportunity to conduct a ‘hands on’ test of the prototype and offer feedback.

The priority during the design of the user interface (UI) was to provide the police officers intuitive operability in demanding situations i.e. easy to use with clear and uncluttered controls that felt truly native to the device. This has obvious operational benefits and also minimises training requirements.

Deployment and results.

The Police E-Box application has been rolled out across the Northumbria Police force to several thousand officers whose feedback is highly positive. Their reactions demonstrate that officers are finding the application a useful tool in their day to day operational duties.

We continue to work with the force in the development of further features for the app. We’re also extending our capabilities, having conversations with forces in the UK and abroad to explore new ways of streamlining digital transformation and the integration of new technology.

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