A modern re-design for a leading Social Housing tool

Orchard Systems

Responsive Website Design & Development

Since 1979, Orchard has focused its efforts on providing software, services and supporting technical solutions that help Housing businesses and Public Sector organisations to improve the lives of their customers, tenants and residents.

Working together for over two years, Komodo has built a strong and rewarding relationship with Orchard. During this time we have taken on a range of technical and creative challenges, including design reskins and front-end development. On this occasion, we worked with their team to modernise and redesign their Promaster 4 interface to make it more user-friendly.

‘How do you create something familiar, but new’?

With Promaster 4, the user base represents a significant percentage of the Social Housing market, so our design process had to produce a modern user interface that still felt familiar, but also new. Due to the number of customers actively using the current portal, any changes to the expected user journey had the potential to present a training hurdle.

Our approach is to structure our projects in ‘buckets’ of hours allocated to individual disciplines. Derived from the overall project estimate, these buckets allow for much more flexibility to accommodate for the subjective nature of design. Our first step was to collate a styles art board with key stakeholders for the project, organised through Google Groups. This enabled us to produce examples of interface themes early in the project.

Income Analytics listing layout
Income Analytics listing layout

Using real insights to create user flows and wireframes.

Using Conjure as our preferred method design collaboration, we provided the Orchard team with a single tool where they were able to review individual design elements, leave specific feedback and look back across previous versions of a particular design.

Collaborating in this way allows us to ensure that both teams are aware of the direction that the designs are taking and key stakeholders from the client team have the opportunity to influence and contribute to the process.

Paul Crennell:Komodo are very refreshing, a talented, engaging and flexible team completely focused on delivering the customer's objectives.
Chief Technology Officer, Orchard Systems

Building a simple and easy to use housing tool.

After having successfully delivered the designs for key elements of Promaster 4, we were asked to work with the internal development team at Orchard to implement the front-end reskin, based on our design assets.

Komodo continues to work with the Orchard Information Systems team on a number of key projects across their business, as a trusted delivery partner.

Income Analytics listing layout