Delivering a user focused solution for an on-demand courier service


Responsive Website Design & Development

From an idea to a successful product, Komodo helped to design and build London’s first service-focused platform for both customers and couriers.

In a market primed for disruption, Street Stream empowers couriers and customers to take control of their on-demand delivery experience.

Unpacking the challenge.

Street Stream founder and CEO, James Middleton, approached Komodo in early 2014 with his idea for an app and customer website to help people sending their items securely from A-to-B. After a period of projecting scoping and consultation, Komodo was selected from a pool of national suppliers.

With the market for deliveries in London being so large, many small businesses are badly served by the larger courier companies. The aim of Street Stream is to de-mystify the world of couriers and make it simple and friendly to use.

Street Stream responsive interface
Street Stream wireframes

The bright idea.

The entire platform comprises of 3 core components, individually designed, architected and supported by the Komodo team. The first being a responsive customer website and service portal. Secondly, a native iOS app for couriers to quote for and manage jobs in real-time. And lastly, a comprehensive admin portal for business analysis.

The unique selling point of Street Stream is undoubtedly its ability to react in real-time. Most courier services function on a daily basis, however currently none have the capacity to employ bike messaging where the margin of booking time can be immediate or half an hour. The result of our work is a real time scalable system to support live bidding for work from couriers across London.

Developing the

To deliver the full end-to-end courier delivery service, we started by creating detailed user stories and requirements, before expanding this out into the technical designs and architecting the first version of the system. Since then we have iterated on the initial design twice more to get Street Stream to the point we are at today. As part of that the architecture has expanded, becoming more robust to support the increasing service demands of its growing customer base and couriers.

Street Stream website homepage

Early results and feedback.

Early trading has surpassed all expectations since Street Steam went live in February 2015. In a little less than a year over 2600 jobs were completed for around 500 customers. There are at least 50 active couriers consistently receiving 5-star reviews, all supported by the intuitive and user-friendly nature of the app.

Street Stream are now looking to roll out more features and hire a sales team to scale up the operation. Through crowdfunding, they have successfully exceeded their target of £100,000 by 149% for the next stage of their development.

James Middleton:Komodo were the first people to "get" Street Stream. They understood what I was trying to do very quickly and asked the right questions. I have found them very methodical to work with. They understand what it is like to be a start up and the particular needs of that type of company.
Founder & CEO, Street Stream

What’s happening next?

Having been built atop a flexible public Application Program Interface (API), the Street Stream product allows for a wide degree of service and product extensions. Offering retailers and on-demand apps the ability to embed the Street Stream delivery network into their e-commerce website or app is next on the radar.

Our current phase is committed to building these additional e-commerce extensions and plugins, helping to expand the reach and functionality of Street Stream. Our team are also adding the option to present customers with their couriers location in real time, along with providing access to repeat bookings.

Street Stream mobile UI