Working with public safety agencies to support digital transformation

Helping forces to protect the public and innovate during a time of limited resources and increasingly complex crime. Komodo are delivering solutions using technology to create a more effective and efficient policing model.
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The future of policing.

Komodo specialises in the design and development of transformative digital services for public safety agencies, including Law Enforcement and Fire & Rescue organisations. With over 3 years of experience working in this area, we understand the challenges facing modern forces and are capable of leveraging a host of new digital solutions to combat them.

Police forces in particular are dealing with increasing public expectations and scrutiny, doubled with rising pressures to deliver more, for less. As a response, forces are looking to harness digital to provide greater efficiencies, improve service levels and maintain their ability to serve and protect in their communities.

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Working with one of the top-performing forces in the UK to streamline their access to information through integrated mobile technology.
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We have a particular set
of skills.

The sensitivity of police data is part of the challenge. Our team are experienced in integrating the software we create directly with police servers. Meaning that data can remain in a closed-loop and officers can be confident in using mobile apps for their day to day activities.

By first scoping out the needs of each force, building on legacy IT systems where appropriate, we work openly with officers to deliver intuitive mobile applications and secure platforms that require minimal training in order to be successfully put to use.

Martin Ibbotson:I’d like to take this opportunity on behalf of the team to thank everyone involved at Komodo in the development of Police E-Box and look forward to working with you again in the new year on the next iteration of Police E-Box, Crime at Source.
Project Manager, Northumbria Police
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Secure, Integrated Drone Operations

Secure, Integrated Drone Operations. Unlock the potential of drone technology, without compromising sensitive data. Overwatch is a time and cost saving tool, enhancing operational performance through secure drone operations.

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