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Komodo is a trusted delivery partner for social housing and public sector organisations. We design, build and support usable digital products and services, as well as offering strategic consultancy and user-centered workshops.
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A collaborative approach to transforming service delivery.

As the move to become digitally inclusive becomes ever more important, housing providers are searching for expert partners to support them in the challenge ahead. Our people first approach has led to us collaborating with social housing landlords all over the UK, as well as specialist software providers, to reinvent the way services are delivered.

Where integration and implementation is key, we aim to have you up and running at speed. With scalable solutions we’re enabling organisations to streamline costs, reduce unnecessary load on resources and enact deeper understanding and buy-in when it comes to using or upgrading digital tools in their day to day activities.

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Modernising a popular social housing tool, with easy-to-use designs, directly influenced by end users.
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Supporting the changing needs of tenants and
housing providers.

We help organisations to successfully incorporate digital into their overall business strategies, providing guidance on best practice and effective implementation. Leveraging technical knowhow to build agile, adaptable and customer-focused solutions.

Our team will work closely with you to fully understand the design needs of your project. Employing a ‘user first’ methodology, we ensure a preferable and intuitive digital service. Built around detailed user personas, stories and insights - paired with your branding and style.

Paul Crennell:Komodo are very refreshing, a talented, engaging and flexible team completely focused on delivering the customer's objectives.
Chief Technology Officer, Orchard Information Systems
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Embracing data analytics for added value.

By helping organisations to achieve their goals and modernise customer services, we unlock the ability for significant cost savings. What’s more, the drive to collect and analyse vital data on tenant services not only allows issues to be resolved far more quickly, it enables organisations to spot patterns and behaviours earlier to better support and inform future choices.

The combined result of effective customer engagement and the use of intelligent data means social housing providers can reap the benefits of greater efficiency and financial stability. Interested in learning more? Get in touch for a free consultation and a chat about how we can achieve the same for your organisation.