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As an active research and development studio with over 13 years experience, our team of experts are presented with plenty of opportunities to experiment, undertake important internal research and development, and test new commercial opportunities.

We’re committed to designing and developing user-centric digital services and progressive products. Where appropriate, we build and prototype minimum viable products (MVPs), collecting the maximum amount of validated learning and experience about new or existing markets and desired users.

Our experience of testing and trialling product concepts and bringing them to market means we’re often approached to do the same for other businesses. While we’re open to all ideas, we have the strongest expertise and experience in the emergency services, social housing, education and start-up sectors.

Our Lab


Our self-initiated studio project challenged our team to create a secure real-time, low-cost aerial surveillance system, aimed at specialised emergency services, counter-terror organisations, utility & energy companies, and housing organisations. The result is an iOS app that can deliver high-quality live images from a drone straight to the user’s phone or tablet without the need to land and load the data manually or send sensitive data to a third party. Our MVP is a functioning demonstration of near real-time stitching and secure sharing of high-resolution images, alongside seamless software integration with any organisation’s own information system.

The use of drone technology is a huge area of potential growth and opportunity. Yet the means to integrate it with secure back office systems was previously missing, and this provided our proposed solution with its unique selling point. The result is a more cost effective way to gain aerial intelligence of an incident, event or for use in asset management.

Click here for more information on Overwatch or to arrange a demo.

Micro-Payment Services

Digital micro-payments are leading a new and innovative way to pay. At Komodo we have worked on a number of micro-payment products and services, both internally and with external partners. In collaboration with NCG, Newcastle College, and NRS, we have designed and developed an MVP that allows parents, students and staff to top-up their NRS cashless catering account online via a unique payment portal. Development involved NRS Cashless Catering integration, WooCommerce and WorldPay integration, user interface (UI) design and dedicated aftercare.

The goal was to enable truly ‘cashless’ catering transactions for students and staff, to build a web service that would connect to and interact with the NRS platform and facilitate a more digitally inclusive environment across the NCG. As with similar projects, we agreed to a partnership with NCG that minimised cost in the short term and allowed for ongoing support and development of the system, in line with the adoption and usage of the online cashless catering system within the NCG.

Another self-initiated project comes in the form of our Click and Collect Coffee app. Working on a similar principle, the iOS app allows cafés, restaurants and food venues to utilise a prepaid ‘pre-order’ service with their customers. The platform can be branded to suit the business and populated with their unique menu and products. Their customers can then select their choice, pay with the credit they have previously loaded onto their account, and their purchase will be ready for them when they arrive.

For more information on any of the products listed here, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to tell you more.

Your Idea?

The products and partners we work with are aligned with things we know we can deliver to a high standard and that attract interest from our team.

We’re here to provide recommendations and influence the project in a positive way. It’s not just about being able to design and build functional web based solutions, it’s about understanding the best technology, user experience and interface design to create a product that produces a measurable return on investment for our partners over time.

To talk through your idea or to arrange a consultation, drop us a line.


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