Let’s get to know each other

We are a digital studio based in Newcastle, where we have the benefit of working with clients across the UK, Europe and beyond. We pride ourselves in delivering innovative, agile digital solutions to forward-thinking organisations.

Culture is important to us.

We're nothing without our people and the values we stand by. We’ve worked hard to create an environment where people are comfortable failing fast and having their work critiqued to make it the best it possibly can be.

We embrace both technical and artistic backgrounds in our team, working together to transform our clients’ businesses. With our end-to-end capabilities clients trust us with their biggest challenges, knowing we’ve got what it takes to bring their vision to life.

The Komodo approach.

We're in the business of creating long-term partnerships. We’d much rather see our clients receive tangible return on their investment and deliver value than turnover quick products that may or may not progress their business goals.

We say no as often as we say yes. If there is a better way to do it we’re not afraid to challenge you on it. Our primary goal is to meet client expectations by delivering smart, reliable modern software that helps them grow their business.

Working with some of the best minds.

We're fortunate to have an incredibly dedicated and bright team. From our technically brilliant developers to our creatively unique designers, each person is respected and known for the diversity and skills they bring to the table.

But it's not all work, we genuinely enjoy spending time with each other (weird, I know). Whether it's a quick game of Mario Kart over lunch or post-work beers on a Friday, we know the importance of switching off to have fun.

Come and work with us.

Whether you’re looking to progress in your career or you’re a fresh-faced graduate, Komodo could be the right place for you to hone your skills and grow. The talent here is intimidatingly good, so be confident and ready to impress.

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