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Building a courier app and customer web portal for the on-demand deliveries market. (Live and operating across London.)

In a market primed for disruption, Street Stream empowers couriers and customers to take control of their on-demand experience.

From an idea to a growing product, Komodo helped to design and build London’s first service-focused platform for both customers and couriers.

Street Stream founder and CEO, James Middleton, approached Komodo in early 2014 with his idea for an app and customer website to help people sending their items securely from A-to-B. After a period of projecting scoping and consultation, Komodo was selecting from a pool of national suppliers.

The entire platform comprises of 3 core components, individually designed, architected and supported by the Komodo team;

  • A responsive customer website and service portal.
  • A native iOS app for couriers to quote for and manage jobs in real-time.
  • A comprehensive admin portal for business analysis.

Having been built atop a flexible API, the Street Stream product allows for a wide degree of service and product extension based on the principles of on-demand service delivery. The first of these product extensions comes in the form of Kerbi, a puncture repair service delivered by the very same couriers enrolled into Street Stream. Kerbi will be live in the Apple App Store in early 2016.

Komodo continues to work closely with the Jasmine Technologies team to support and improve the product portfolio.

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Rapid Start-up Growth

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Downloadable Courier App

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