Power Your Digital Project Roadmaps With A Creative Product Studio That Supports Ambitious Growth

Get intelligent guidance on the steps to take to make your digital products or services the best they can be. As a product studio, we’re used to taking on demanding product roadmaps, complex user needs and fast-moving market environments.

Create accessible products, user advocacy and long term profitability by building with your future needs in mind to maximise return on investment. Whether we're working to revolutionise your industry or rebooting a legacy system, KOMODO’s consultancy and commercial-savvy are trusted by major brands to keep their business-critical processes running smoothly.



To provide you with the best support, it’s necessary to understand your business landscape. We get to know your market, users, technology and competitors to create a clear picture of your current position. Learning intelligently to best advise how to take your product forward.

Create A High-Level Strategic Plan For Your Unique Product Story

Having the right strategy is crucial. We’ll guide you through an established process that prepares your product for the real world.

We’re proudly sector agnostic. In plain English - we don’t specialise and that’s a good thing. By drawing on cross-industry expertise, we’re equipped to offer innovative solutions and not just opt for run-of-the-mill tactics that blur your strengths against your competition.



Over 80% of companies are now competing on customer experience alone. In competitive markets, it’s essential to approach your digital projects with a solid plan. As experienced consultants, our planning process leaves no stone unturned. We’ll collaborate to plan your approach, roadmap planning and assess the feasibility of your project scope.

Develop A Winning Product Strategy That Covers All Bases

Without the right strategy, your product will fall short of expectations. From day one we ask the right questions to determine your goals and understand your vision. We’re focused on developing a strategy that makes sense commercially as well as functionally.

With our proven 5-step process, you can be confident users will champion your digital product. For ideas or concepts that aren’t quite ready for the limelight, we run user research and development activities to understand what’s possible and how to tackle new technology problems.

Running Better Software Development Life Cycles: Perfecting Project Processes

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Build Robust Product Strategy With Proven Consultancy Services

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