Studio Expertise

Create digital products that grow your business.

Working as a trusted creative product studio, we bring over 19 years of experience to help you identify and exploit new business opportunities and accelerate your digital projects. We do this by working closely with your internal teams, asking the right question and most importantly, putting in the graft.

Across Revolution, Refinement and Reboot Tracks, we provide you with intelligent support across these services and disciplines.


Strategically approach the digital products that power your organisation. Build on exciting ideas or refine existing products to keep your critical processes running smoothly.

Through consulting, we add targeted experience to move your digital projects forward intelligently. We apply commercial savvy and product strategies to deliver better and faster.

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Understand your user’s core drivers and make informed choices about design and technology decisions.

Leverage user research to discover what influences your audience with insights that add breadth and depth to your decision making and back product direction with key user-centred insights.

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Boosts innovation and bring clarity to project scope. Enjoy a collaborative and practical workshop session that defines the direction and enhance creative outputs.

Enter with project ideas and head out with the tools to tackle them. Leave with fresh insight and a plan to move forward and secure project business-wide buy-in.

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Digital Design

Design beautiful and intuitive user experiences your users won’t forget. Drive better conversions rates and stay ahead of the competition with a digital design that delivers for your business.

Our design team brings focus to design approaches through proven expertise across a range of product design methods to drive innovation and empower a modern user experience.

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Build and scale high-performing software solutions to meet the demands of your users. Remain at the forefront with the latest technology and implement software engineering best practices that ensure your technology can go the distance.

You can trust our agile team of software developers to effectively manage your critical systems and use the latest approaches in software development to maintain and strengthen your digital assets.

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Quality Assurance

Ensure your software works predictably, even if your users don’t. Quality assurance leaves no room for error and ensures your digital products and services are working to plan. Spot weakness in the user experience and errors in technology to be sure your product works as intended.

Our QAs at KOMODO are as eagled-eyed as they are empathetic. Looking at your product from both the human and technical aspects of your product. Support the delivery of your product so you can have confidence from deployment.

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Review & Analysis

Hindsight is a tonic for driving innovation and building on progress. Neglect to look at your project in retrospect and you’ll miss out on an absolute treasure-trove of insight.

Review and analysis is a core consultative service. It’s about addressing what worked in a project and what could be even better. By simply addressing the ‘How do we feel’ questions after a project, you set yourself up for future success.

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What We’re Good At


Build Robust Product Strategy

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