Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Ensures Your Software Behaves Predictably, Even If Your Users Don’t

QA testing explores all the possible ways a user might interact with the design and functionality of your product - and ensures that it delivers a useful response every time to ensure an exceptional user experience.

Our testing process is user-first. That and our fundamental understanding of the UX and technology principles. Our all-encompassing approach to quality assurance results in higher user satisfaction and smooth product deployment.


User testing

Products are built for people. So all testing must go testing on the end-users. Even with the most elaborate research and product strategy in the world, users will always find a hole in your product. It’s our job to make sure they’re involved in the testing process.

Usability Testing

Test on your core users to see how they navigate your product. Usability testing provides direct feedback on how your users engage with your product and provide valuable details to a QA and research team. We can spot areas that need improvement and also provide data to measure outputs with a System Usability Scale.

Prepare For Release… And Plan The Next

User testing not only gives you a pulse on how users respond to your current version, but the data collected from user testing gives you the advantage of collecting data for future features and versions of your product. We’re always looking for opportunities to add value beyond the brief; spotting quirks in user behaviour could be the key to your next big win.


Tech testing

QA testing is about much more than simply ensuring code does what it’s supposed to – it’s integral to delivering a good user experience. We combine automated and manual QA testing to ensure that code works correctly and that the products we build are geared to user needs.

Developing Quality Code From Scratch

Software is often designed to perform well for the “golden path” – the series of actions users are expected to take to complete a task. But in reality, users rarely behave as we expect them to. They make mistakes, get lost, misunderstand and push the boundaries. Our QA testing process helps us anticipate edge cases like these, especially when it’s easy to look through rose-tinted lenses in new product development.

Developing And Maintaining Inherited Code

When working on existing code, it’s even more important to ensure that changes don’t cause problems in other areas. Our robust QA process uses over 200 manual tests to ensure that new features achieve the desired result while maintaining critical performance elsewhere.

Deploy Your Technology With Confidence

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