Workshops Boost Innovation To Support Intelligent Decision-Making For Digital Product Development

You have an idea of the problem you want to tackle, now define it. A thorough workshop phase sets the foundations for a successful project. To nail down project scope and requirements. An opportunity to apply innovative thinking to your approach.

Workshops are structured, practical, facilitated sessions that seek to properly understand user needs to better inform strategic thinking. We’ve delivered a fair few workshops in our time, so you’re in good hands. Leave your assumptions at the door - this is the ideal opportunity to nail down your direction and plan your strategy.


Scoping and requirements

Underline the scope and refine requirements. It’s not about getting it all done up-front; it’s about scoping the scape of what sort of user knowledge you need to make sure your product works to meet user expectations and to set project expectations.

Don’t Go In Blind…

Workshops are an invitation for both your team and KOMODO to not take an idea at face value. You’ll benefit from experienced professionals to challenge your assumptions with creative suggestions. The workshop outlines the project and derives clear outcomes.

Outline the risks and discover opportunities across a project’s timeline. We’ll use details outlined during the workshop to define the approach to delivering the product. By the end of a workshop, we can breakdown down the project deliverables so that our pricing is clear, transparent and makes sense.



81% of digitally mature companies state that innovation is a strength for their organization, compared to 36% of developing outfits and 10% of early-stage companies (Deloitte). There are many advantages to a workshop phase. First, it’s an environment for creativity to thrive, a chance to work together to strive for innovation. Beyond that, discovery reduces project costs, redefines constraints and inspires user-centred outcomes for your product.

What Happens In A Discovery Workshop?

Discovery is about squeezing the most out of your ideas, pushing the boundaries and setting your product up for success. It’s a chance to get your ideas down on paper with our experts who can guide you through a successful workshop.

Workshops work best when you use the right tools. At KOMODO, we use a variety of Design Thinking techniques and Agile practices to get the most out of collaborative sessions with your team.

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Discovery Drives Mutually Beneficial Outcomes

Workshops focus on creating long-term value for your project. The create alignment between your teams, your ideas and outcomes to get your project off to the best start.

Why do we deliver workshops? Easy. It provides you with upfront value. But we benefit from workshops just as much as your team does taking part. It’s the intelligent thing to do.

Discover The Potential Of A Workshop For Innovation

Get in on the workshop action. Set up a short call to determine how a workshop will transform your project delivery.