The Why Behind The How

Values and Culture Delivering Exceptional Outcomes

We believe digital products that deliver significant positive impact are created when there is a strong alignment of culture and values within and between the teams that build them.

These are our guiding principles:




We believe our energy, talent and tech know-how can help others solve the biggest challenges facing people now and into the future.


Broad experience in digital technology supported by our consulting mindset, design thinking and technical excellence supports great teams create digital products and services that deliver significant positive impact.


We deliver this through consultancy that redefines constraints and avoids wasted effort. Design services that add value and turns users into product and service advocates. Development resources that deliver intelligent, scalable and sustainable solutions.




Question intelligently, learn continually. Our curiosity compels us to ask the right questions to uncover the best solutions to complex problems. It fuels a thirst to continually learn and know 'more' so we stay sharp, relevant and ready for the next challenge.


Act honestly, be accountable. Integrity guides our decision-making to ensure we make the best decisions for our clients and colleagues based on their needs. We readily share success and accept accountability for those 'could do better' moments.


Challenge ideas, embrace change, accept discomfort. We challenge entrenched thinking to expand project constraints. We actively explore new technologies which allow us to push past what's 'expected' and to deliver exceptional results.




See other perspectives, seek to understand. Walking a mile in someone's shoes helps us to understand their environment, needs, wants and frustrations. It's an essential attribute when creating technological solutions to human problems.


Be objective, be fair. We treat people how we expect to be treated. With respect, courtesy and honesty. We strive to make objective judgements free from bias or discrimination.


Solve problems for others. Fundamentally we are here to do useful things for people. Things they cannot do or do not have the time, capacity or expertise to do. The projects we aspire to work on help people before profits but do a great job at both.

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Jason Christie

Project Manager

Spends most of his time in JIRA, SoW docs or sprint planning and retrospectives. Attends the BrewDog shareholders meetings.

Andy Greener

Founder & MD

Entrepreneur and liker of big ideas. Alpine Saxophonist (Grade 1.5) and Drone enthusiast. Miniature Schnauzer Owner.