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Working in partnership with ambitious clients, we design and develop digital products across web and mobile, creating elegant software solutions people prefer to use.

About Us

We're not just another Digital Studio.

We know, you’re bombarded with choice when it comes to looking for a studio to bring your idea to life or take your existing platform to the next level. So why us? Our honesty and integrity are a big reason why our clients choose us.

We’re not afraid to tell you what we think won’t work. At which point, we’ll have complete understanding of your organisation and the ability to confidently advise and support you on the solutions that will.

Walter Lorenz:What I valued most about Komodo, besides their creativity, was their unwavering service mentality. It is rare to find an agency so fiercely dedicated to a client's success.
Studio Marketing Director, Ubisoft Reflections
Screenshot of the Street Stream website

Measure Twice, Cut Once.

We’re committed to providing our client’s with the best and brightest minds to deliver outstanding products. Discover some of the projects we’ve been chosen to work on, from world-leading brands to new and disruptive startups.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

We’ll never stop being excited by how our sector is growing and the new opportunities it provides, from drones to VR/AR and everything in between. That is why we have a dedicated space and ample R&D time invested into exploring the latest in new technology.

A Positive Workplace Produces the Best Results.

Our team thrives on new challenges and working with the latest technology. We’re a work hard, play hard bunch, where we take our client work seriously and ourselves less so.
We Believe in Studio Culture