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Maintenance & Support For Complex Witness Service CRM

Measuring Success

Every project has a unique story. However, success should always be measurable. Here are the stats and facts that sets this project apart.

Major Performance Improvements

2+ Years Working Collaboration

Improving 400 Volunteers User Experience

Setting the Scene

Citizens Advice is one of the UK’s top non-profit independent organisations, built to assist with the public’s issues in many fields from legal to debt, through to consumer and housing.

WitnessBox was a witness CRM system used by every court in the UK justice system by hundreds of volunteers. It manages witness credentials and tracks activity through the courts.

With so many people reliant on the system, it needed to run as efficiently as possible. That’s where we come in.



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Trust the Process

Our 5-Step process is core to all we do. Working through each project, we apply each step to maximise our output and bring a proven process to our work. All steps are configured to meet your teams’ individual needs and objectives. Here’s a sample of each step in action.


Understanding sensitive data

Before selection, each member of our delivery team was interviewed by their CTO to gauge competency. Confident we knew our stuff, we visited London to learn more about the system. We had to be escorted by the WitnessBox team and be chaperoned whenever looking at live data due to security considerations.

During this time, we met the incumbent supplier and began an onboarding process which was done off-site whenever we didn’t need live data. This was accomplished in a sprint structure and allowed us to plan for a transition period where we could begin managing the system, but the incumbent would be available for support.

Once we understood the data and system, we were able to take full accountability for it and remove the incumbent supplier. The project was now in our hands.


Effective Problem Diagnosis

Everything we do at KOMODO is best practice - but that hardly makes us unique. Most agencies who sought the contract would likely have been great at development and design. What makes us unique is that we think about the work and how we communicate with our clients.

For this project, we were able to diagnose the cause of the inefficiencies in the system and suggest a roadmap that suited the client’s requirements for the continual operation of WitnessBox even as we improved it.


Performance Updates And Bug Fixes

We planned a continuous two-year roadmap of sprints designed to solve the many challenges the system posed. First on our list was the ‘search function, which was causing slowdowns for the volunteers using the system that was leading to a massive loss of capacity.

Our value at KOMODO is our ability to understand the breadth of a problem rather than just viewing it as a single issue. We knew the search wasn’t just one problem - it was a symptom of a wider challenge.


Overcoming Outdated Systems

The existing WitnessBox system was not fit for the job. It was an overburdened web app built from an outdated CRM solution and coded in an obsolete language. This meant it had slow performance and missing features, as well as a host of system bugs.

We love complex, nitty-gritty problems that involve real thinking to overcome challenges. This system was heavily burdened with technical debt and outdated languages - but we knew that we could not only support its day-to-day running but update it to something that helped make life more efficient for the volunteers and courts which relied on it.


How did our two-year roadmap go?

  • We reduced the amount of time spent waiting for the system to respond, vastly improving the working lives of the volunteer team.

  • The relationship we’ve built means our work has continued past the 2-year roadmap into a new ongoing partnership to continue to support and build on the platform.

  • We have given WitnessBox reassurance by being a supplier they can be confident in - which we’ve only achieved through open communication and quality working processes.

Like we said - lots of agencies do design and development to ‘best practice’ - but few can think through complex challenges and communicate solutions to clients the way we do. This project took a messy, outdated, ‘untouchable’ system full of errors and not only kept it running with great support but provided tangible improvements that made valuable impacts on users.

The proof is always in the pudding - and by securing an ongoing working relationship with Citizens Advice, we’ve shown that we are suppliers you can be confident in.

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