Cross-Platform Mobile App for Gathering Clinical Trials Feedback

Measuring Success

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Setting the Scene

In the medical industry, clinical trials are a critical part of pioneering new treatments. Datatrial, a company running lots of complex and sensitive trials, needed a digital system for patients who were undergoing trials to monitor appointments and gather feedback.

This posed a clear challenge: how could an app simplify the challenges of patients who were dealing with critical, often life-threatening illnesses? How could feedback, generally biased towards negativity due to their condition, be made more useful for the company and more sensitive to people’s needs?



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Trust the Process

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Prepare For Success

To do great work, we must first understand user experience clearly. That meant performing a workshop with Datatrial, where we mapped out their current process and then outlined the data collected from current potential users.

From here, we built a plan shaped around their user’s journey through the trial and how an app could assist or reduce friction at certain stages.


Agile Prioritisation

With feedback planned to help define not only how a patient experienced the app, but how they anticipated appointments (a patient would ideally be able to see other users’ feedback on sessions they have coming up - e.g, 80% of users reported zero pain during a blood test.) How would a development team build user-friendly technology that would gather the feedback the team needed whilst remaining empathetic to their user’s illnesses and emotions?

As with many medical projects, this was a project that required funding and time deadlines. To map out what was achievable by what time frame, and also assign ‘priority’ to what users most needed to get the most from the app, we used MoSCoW prioritisation. This helped us give Datatrial clarity over which features were essential, what order we would build in, and what we could achieve for the budget.


The Feedback Challenge

The actual technical requirements of the app were relatively simple - but the user stories were not. When a user is undergoing intensive treatment and dealing with a difficult period in their lives, they will have less patience for technology and are more likely to report negatively when faced with traditional ‘smiley face’ feedback systems.

We, therefore, rethought the feedback process and tried to remove the emotive side of it. Through UX, we designed a dot-based feedback system that ranked by ‘satisfaction’ rather than happiness/unhappiness.


Supporting Iterative Improvement

The system was built in React using Storybook - which meant we could build components that were robust and could be used again and again.

For example, once a button style was built it could be re-used again. This allowed Datatrial to begin quickly rolling out features and testing them with users, delivering critical steer on the final product.


The Outcome

Ultimately, the Datatrial project was a successful one that allowed the company to progress to stage 2 of their trials. The initial phase 1 ended with the feedback they needed being gathered and used to inform the future of the trials and next phases.

  • Redefined emotive feedback scoring into a more empathetic system that was also valuable to the client’s data requirements.

  • Created a mobile app that was easy to use and understand for target users undergoing treatment.

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