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Measuring Success

Every project has a unique story. However, success should always be measurable. Here are the stats and facts that sets this project apart.

Zero Production Errors

MVP in 3 Months

Stable Product Transition

Setting the Scene

Elanders is a print company with a significant challenge: printing customised manuals for specific car models sold by a luxury British car manufacturer.

Elanders relied on an outdated print-on-demand solution which was difficult to support and maintain. So, they looked to KOMODO for a bespoke and comprehensive solution to their challenge.



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Trust the Process

Our 5-Step process is core to all we do. Working through each project, we apply each step to maximise our output and bring a proven process to our work. All steps are configured to meet your teams’ individual needs and objectives. Here’s a sample of each step in action.


Investigating the current system

To build the right solutions, we needed to understand the current system. We attended an on-site demo to determine how the process worked end-to-end, then we modelled the process to map out our suggested improvements.

We quickly understood that this wasn’t just a technical challenge - but a logistical one. The contract between Elanders and their client meant significant fines could occur in the event of errors. For Elanders, errors were likely because the existing system was unstable and difficult to maintain.


Agile Prioritisation

Once we had a nuanced understanding of the problem, we could move to plan an effective roadmap to deliver beyond the original brief.

We prioritised what needed updating to move the cloud-based system live as an initial MVP as quickly as possible to minimise the risk of further errors or fines. Once we knew the product was stable, we could begin testing to refine the upgraded system to work as efficiently as possible for Elanders and their clients.


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Addressing Problems; Not Just Symptoms

We have a propensity to choose complex workflow projects - and this was a great example of how effective solutions aren’t just about writing code. For this project, we needed ideas that supported the entire production line.

We knew that the opportunities for solving the problem were about more than just the system - they were about the entire process. This meant changing the client’s thinking from ‘how do we write code’ to ‘how do we solve all these problems?’ We want to critically address the wider problem and not just individual symptoms.


Building Back Better

Working on backend projects isn’t perhaps as glamorous. But what goes on in the background still required a healthy dose of design thinking.

Working with a diverse range of technology including PHP and AWS, we transformed the product into a solution our client could count on.


The Outcome

So how did we solve the original problem around an inefficient process using a poorly designed system?

  • We created a robust, stable system complete with documentation that detailed how the system worked and how the workflows operated through it. This gave Elanders more visibility and insight into their entire process.

  • Early error detection systems allowed the print runs to continue without slowdown, saving money and time for the client.

  • Went beyond the brief by not only ‘rescuing’ existing processes but creating a comprehensive cloud-based system to manage the entire print process from API to packaging.

The Elanders project was a perfect example of what makes KOMODO unique. Many top agencies can code and design, but few can break a workflow down into a series of problems and create fixes and improvements that don’t just ‘solve’ the challenge but provide new insight and value to the client.

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