Northumbria Police

A Secure Mobile App To Simplify Officer Workflow On-The-Streets

Measuring Success

Every project has a unique story. However, success should always be measurable. Here are the stats and facts that sets this project apart.

Successful Rollout Across One Of The UK’s Largest Police Forces

Enterprise Systems Integration

2 Year Multi-Phase Collaboration

Setting the Scene

Police E-Box is a multi-phased project that sees the integration of mobile technology into police officers day to day workflow, streamlining access to information and reducing the load on resource control and radio channels via smartphone technology.

After a competitive public tender process, KOMODO was selected to work with Northumbria Police in the design and development of a native Windows mobile application. The app has now been deployed and successfully rolled out across the force and is transforming the way policing is delivered.



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Trust the Process

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Figuring Out The Day-To-Day

As one of the largest police forces in the country (over 3000+ officers), we knew we needed to get a pulse on what the day-to-day life of an actual police officer looked like beyond the written brief.

Working with actual officers, we hosted several workshops and interview situations to paint the real picture. To collect real opinions and what functionality such an app would need to have to enable officers to carry out their best work.


People-Powered Roadmaps

Staying true to our user-centred approach, the project was steered by persona-driven user stories as a way of describing the functionality required, as opposed to rigid specifications.

Once a full backlog of user stories were created, we model the user flow through the app in detail. This allowed us to visualise all the features and functions described within each individual user story point. With a thorough view of our requirements, we could build an accurate roadmap to account for the design and development workflow.


Wireframing The Way To Success

These detailed task flow diagrams allowed a clear understanding of how each feature was established and was then agreed on across the project team.

From here the design team produce a range of prototypes to test against user feedback. Prototyping helps us understand how all of the elements within the application needed to fit together. Hands-on tests with officers allowed us to know if we were moving in the right direction. So - we made consistent progress through iteration to provide a complete user experience.


Building A Professional App

With the combined efforts of both our Studio team and Northumbria’s, we were happy with the foundations we’d built. We went to take the high-fidelity prototypes to the final designs.

The final screens and design system was handed over to our app development specialist. The native app was developed using the specialist UWP (Universal Windows Platform) tech stack for Windows products used across the Northumbria Police Force.


The Outcome

Across multiple phases, we built out 3 different app functionalities within the app to efficiently assist police officers in their daily workloads. The Police E-Box application has been rolled out across the Northumbria Police force to several thousand officers whose feedback is highly positive.

Northumbria Police’s Police E-Box project is transforming the way policing services are delivered to communities. Enabled by technology, officers and support staff have the ability to interact with the information they need in the place that they need it.

For us, over the two years the project ran, we developed a great relationship with the Northumbria all while getting to contribute to such a large public service in our own region.

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