Innovation Establishes Leaders

Creativity can be interpreted differently depending on who you ask. But for us, creativity is expressed as innovation that establishes market leaders.

We possess a mindset that looks at a challenge from all angles to find the opportunities others miss.

As a creative product studio, our ethos is product over production. We know that many can write code, designers can follow a brief - the production of a piece of technology. What makes us different is applying creativity to find an advantage in the field that delivers return on investment for your product. Making over doing.

User Advocacy Distinguishes Great Design From Good

Creativity isn’t a bi-product, it is core to our 5-step process. It fosters the environment for innovation to thrive. Unencumbered by entrenched thinking, our product team applies creative thinking to deliver innovation to your unique product story.


Better UI Could Raise Your Conversion Rate By 200%

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Our Experienced Developers Have A Track Record In Creating Robust, High-Performing Apps That Breathe Life Into Your Vision

Too often, the expectation is that creativity happens solely in the ‘design’ phases of a project. That idea, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. The engineering team at KOMODO are well-versed in delivering on experience requirements.

The engineering process relies heavily on problem-solving. Making the leap from design prototypes to final products requires excellent understanding and input from our experienced software engineers from day one.

Their robust technical expertise paired with a product mindset allows them to create, not just iterate on existing technology to enable cutting-edge technical performance.


You don’t just want an agency that builds apps - you want to build business opportunities


How Robust Are Your Software Development Processes?

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Typically we deliver value into 3 tracks. Choose the one that best fits your own story.


You are changing the game and creating a unicorn.

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Things haven’t gone to plan. Ctrl/Alt/Delete.

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You have a good product but need a ‘great’ product.

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More of our Process

Learn more about the Traits and Steps that fuel better digital products and services.


We apply understanding, creativity and intelligence to deliver strong digital product design ROI.


All client partner products have unique narratives but typically we add value into one of 3 tracks.

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