Something’s just not working. If you’re on the Reboot Track, you’ll likely already know what that is. The good news is that you’re in the right place. We can help you to evaluate your position and start moving you forward as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Working intelligently is the way forward for Reboot projects. Bringing our knowledge to the table, we use our digital expertise to diagnose what’s holding you back. Usually, it involves auditing your software and reviewing your product's design to define the best approach to get it back on track.

Breathe Life Back Into Your Product

Projects on the Reboot Track aren’t necessarily completely broken. They may indeed work, but not well enough. Symptoms can include legacy code, sub-optimal design or a confusing user experience.

We’re here to fix the big issues and then improve performance. When facing a Reboot project, we take time to understand your product, looking at what works and what can be improved.

Only by communicating objectively and working diligently can we Reboot effectively. You’ll work closely with our interdisciplinary team of experts to move forward. The result will be a product that now works reliably and measurably improves the user experience.


Zero Production Errors

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A Robust Data-Heavy Platform For Just-In-Time Print Logistics

Learn how we helped Elanders, a print company with a significant challenge: printing customised manuals, inserts and jackets for individual cars sold by Jaguar Land Rover.

Elanders relied on an outdated print-on-demand solution which was difficult to support and maintain. So, they looked to KOMODO for a bespoke and comprehensive solution to their challenge.

On The Reboot Track?

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An Insight into Design Thinking


Our approach to the Reboot Track

We don’t just take a Reboot project at face value. Instead, we look beyond the design and technical elements of the project, to assess what your project should do and ultimately, what your users need and want from it.

You shouldn’t just default to a team that will ‘fix’ what’s broken. Choose someone who can understand why your project isn’t working and improve it beyond your original expectations. By doing this, we don’t just fix what’s wrong; we identify opportunities to add long-term value.

So, how do we do that? We fully audit your current systems from both an engineering and design perspective. For example, we have a proprietary 10-point software audit framework to assess the quality, maintainability and supportability of an engineering project.

We supplement these audits with a workshop that gets you into our state-of-the-art studio space for a day of defining project requirements. You’ll leave knowing exactly how we work and how your project is going to shape up.

Maintenance & Support For Complex Witness Service CRM

WitnessBox is a CRM system used by every court in the UK justice system by hundreds of volunteers. It manages witness credentials and tracks activity through the courts.

The CRM however needed work after inheriting a codebase consisting of legacy code with complex issues from an incumbent supplier. See how we tackled these challenges head-on and continue to provide value.

Citizen’s Advice

Improving 400 Volunteers User Experience

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On The Reboot Track?

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