Good Isn’t ‘Great’

Products on the Refinement Track come in all shapes and sizes. You’ve got a product, people are using it and it’s currently not on fire. However, competition is rife, your market is teaming with would-be substitutes and alternatives. You’ve had the realisation that there’s work to be done. You know good isn’t great.

The Refinement Track, therefore, needs a good dose of understanding. How can you add value to your users’ experience? Expand on the systems that are working now? Explore opportunities to make a good product great? We’ve got you.

Take What Works And Make It Better

You know your product and may even have an idea of what needs to change. User data and customer feedback is telling you that much. That’s why projects on the Refinement Track need a team that applies understanding to define the best solutions and prioritise the best outcomes for your users.

We focus on your product to discover what makes you stand out. On the Refinement Track, we seamlessly integrate with your existing team to establish clarity across project delivery.

In short, we don’t just repackage what you already have; using understanding, creativity and intelligence we innovate entirely new value propositions.

An Insight into Social Housing


Concept To Delivery In Less Than 9 Months


A Web-Based Self-Service Solution For Social Housing Tenants

Orchard Digital Self-Service aims to reduce unnecessary calls. It gives tenants the ability to access account information, make payments, request repairs and more across digital devices. The existing Digital Self-Service platform was not working to its full potential.

Poor overall UX and device responsiveness meant that tenants reverted to phone calls to housing associations. This was not only an issue of accessibility and user experience but also one of significant commercial impact for housing associations.

Seeking Greatness?

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Overcoming Product Owner Challenges in an Agile Environment


Our Approach To Product Refinement

Refinement projects come in all different shapes and there’s not always a ‘clear-cut’ direction to start. That’s why taking an active approach to discovery and understanding is crucial. To find opportunities others miss to give you an edge over the competition.

No matter the challenge, we never take a Refinement project at face value. You will meet with the relevant experts from our creative studio to diagnose your challenges and deliver solutions. Sometimes you need a bit of disruption to shake your product up, leveraging techniques like rapid prototyping for example.

We engage our process to understand how we target feature improvements, prioritise the roadmap and contribute the best possible solutions. Refinement means making products better - not just painting over the cracks in the paint.


Complex UX Project Delivered In Less Than 6-months


UX And UI Overhaul To Create An Engaging Experience For Police Officers

The College of Policing serves over 135,000 officers across the country. They came to us to redesign their membership platform and how its users engaged with it.

Redesigning the membership platform was more than just improving the colour schemes and adding slick imagery, it was about restructuring the experience of the front-end of the platform. Making it more appealing and ultimately, more accessible for the end-user.

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