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To look forward, first, you must look back. Reflect is as important a step as any. And even though it falls at ‘the end’ of our 5-step process, in reality, it is consistently present in our work. We’re always asking: Is this the best version we can come up with?

The Pitfalls of Developing Digital Products Under Pressure - And How to Avoid Them

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Validating Research And Outputs Is Core To Our Process

All practices in digital product development need a keen eye for the details. Even when completed, there is always room to improve. As a product studio, we turn up to challenge our own thinking and look for routes to optimise.

Research findings must be rigorously analysed. Design prototypes must come under the scrutiny of real users. User interfaces must pass quality assurance testing. With the final version of the product, we need to step back and understand the your wider customer experience. Does it address the pain points uncovered in the earlier stages of development?

Designing for Difficult Experiences


Reflection is one of the most underused yet powerful tools for success

A digital product is never finished. Reflection is knowing that when one door closes, another opens. Reflection requires understanding, creativity and intelligence. A mindset that knows nothing is ever perfect and yet, never stops striving for perfection.

We’re always looking for opportunities to shape and grow your users’ experience and build growth for your business - continuing to add value even after your project is ‘finished’.

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