5 Step Pathway

This is our proven process; configured to meet your teams’ individual needs and objectives.

Understanding is a core Trait at KOMODO. Understand is the first step in our process.

Understanding Your Users Is A Basic Requirement For Digital Products And Services To Reach Their Full Potential

You are not your user. And we aren’t either. The importance of understanding your user’s needs, wants, and frustrations cannot be understated. So before any tools are picked up, before any roads are mapped and anyone starts shouting their ideas, you’ve got to look to your user.

Empathy is your new best friend. See the world through the eyes and ears of your user and you’ll reap the rewards. The Understand Step will not only surface user-centred pain points, but it’ll also nurture ideas that improve your products’ customer experience.

Never Underestimate The Power Of Research

User research is a core component of the Understand step. It bridges the gap between perception and reality and is a highly effective way to zoom in on what your users need from your digital products and services.

If market research is the what, user research is the why. We use a range of research methods to understand your user’s perspective. Our research and design team rapidly breaks down raw user data into measurable, meaningful and actionable insights.


At KOMODO, we offer a thorough research process that puts your user at the centre.

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Understand Your Users Biggest Challenges… And Know How To Solve Them

The goal of the Understand step is to create insights that focus on defining user pain points and finding solutions. Ultimately, the data we collect needs to be converted into resources that support your product development plan.

We use a range of frameworks and techniques to visualise data and turn it into useful information that contributes to successful strategic planning.

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Build Solid Foundations. Build Better Products.

Creating a solid base of knowledge on your user is the key to long-term success. By understanding the pain points and what makes you competitive from the outset, you’re setting the rules of engagement. Recognising what will propel you forward.

The Understand step clarifies a user-centred direction that benefits your business’ bottom line. In fact, good research around user requirements can cut development times by 33-55% (IxDF). It’s an intelligent investment.

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We apply understanding, creativity and intelligence to deliver strong digital product design ROI.


All client partner products have unique narratives but typically we add value into one of 3 tracks.

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