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The difference between good design and great design is user advocacy. Design that has gone beyond ‘looking good’ and is focused on creating the best outcomes for users. Great design retains users, boosts conversion and gets people shouting about your product.

To achieve exceptional digital design, there needs to be space for creative problem solving backed with a pragmatic design approach. Our design team have a catalogue of experience delivering the highest level of UI and UX design. Expect a direct, collaborative approach and a keen eye for strategy that measurably impacts your product.


UX Design

Good UX is good for business. Investment in user experience isn't just for the big players - delivering an amazing experience is a major competitive advantage, turning everyday users into passionate advocates for your business. UX design principles have little to do with making websites look pretty. It’s about creating a complete, logical and user-centric experience that adds value to your products and services.

Agile Discovery Workshops: How To Run One & Why

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Discovery & Research

Every successful project starts with the right preparation. We get to grips with your product through detailed research, focused on your user. We take your project back to basics and challenge assumptions. With a workshop and using UX tools, you’ll understand your users' core drivers to create a solution that genuinely improves your product’s experience.

“Fixing a problem in development costs 10 times as much as it does in design and up to 100 times more if you’re fixing issues in a released product. So when we say good UX is good for business, we really mean it”

Iterative Design

Design is an iterative process. Working in sprinted cycles, we quickly move ideas from early prototypes through to a finished product. Iterative design is about collaboration as much as it is speed. We involve you at every step from presenting early wireframe concepts, to high-level interactive prototypes.

Data-Driven Experiences

Measuring effectiveness is a core part of the process. By proving concepts and fueling new insight into our designs with data, we ensure we invest our resources intelligently. Throughout our process, we prove the work we put in delivers the best outputs for your users and will deliver on your investment.

Embracing User Experience Design to Transform Workflows

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UI Design

User Interface design has the same user-focused objectives as UX, but with different outcomes. It’s the visible outputs of the design process as a whole. UI design should be intuitive, strategic and focused on providing the best possible interactions across multiple devices and all of your user types - with accessibility and inclusion at the forefront.


A Cross-Platform Mobile App Driving Insurtech Success


At KOMODO, we’re geared up to create beautiful, accessible and seamless UIs that turn business strategies into a reality, meeting your user's needs and delivering ROI.

Technology Adoption

Working with most major platforms, we design unique and highly flexible UIs. We’re quick to adopt new technologies from AI to AR/VR tech. We use industry-leading frontend programming languages and libraries to produce high-quality UIs, whatever the challenge.


Accessible UI design is more than just a nice-to-have. For many, it’s a crucial requirement to access vital information and connect with the world. At KOMODO, we’re committed to designing products that achieve the highest levels of accessibility for all users of the internet.

Development Integration

All our design work is compatible across the web and mobile platforms. We work closely with your in-house development team or our devs to create a thorough design system documentation. Get a complete view of components, patterns, styles and rules around the application of each state.

Accessibility in Digital Design



Your business’ brand is one of the single most powerful assets you have. Championing your brand consistently across your digital product is crucial when developing your products. At KOMODO, we can support, develop and protect your brand’s identity throughout the design process.

Tell Powerful Brand Stories

Maintaining your brand’s consistency is key. Whether you’re on the Refinement, Reboot or Revolution Track - building a strong identity into your products can give you the edge over competitors. Over our 19 years in business, we’ve picked up a knack for branding and can help you execute it.

It could be expressing your business tone through the products we create, or simply helping you create better-branded collateral for your digital products. Our digital design team can add value to your business beyond just delivering your product.



Prototyping is a design approach to create innovative ideas and test them. The goal is to quickly advance through lots of ideas and test on users to get design feedback. This user-focused approach centres around the 20% of features that account for 80%of the impact.

Find The Best Ideas As Quickly As Possible

Prototyping allows us to rattle through possible ideas to arrive at the best design solution. The goal isn’t to perfection and each iteration is usually a little fast and loose, but the goal is to create something tactile and engaging to test.

Work Intelligently And Champion The User Experience

Prototyping and creating the best digital design go hand-in-hand. By not getting bogged down with details, we can move quickly through design phases and work more intelligently. Testing on users unlocks the key to success. Finding any usability problems early on when they’re easier (and cheaper) to fix.

Do Design Better.

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