Develop Robust, High-Performing Apps Across Web And Mobile To Solve Your Biggest Challenges

Your software needs to be intelligent, scalable and robust to compete. From mobile and web apps to websites and custom software - your technology needs to be in the best shape to tackle any challenge it faces.

When it comes to software development, we build with your current and future needs in mind to maximise return on investment. We’re backed by an experienced team of engineers and QAs to make sure you’re product is to face the high expectations of modern users.


App development

Our experienced mobile app developers have a track record of creating robust, high-performing apps that breathe life into your vision. You don’t just want a team that builds your app - you want to build business opportunities and improve revenue. Working with us means you’ll get honest advice and strategic support. A creative partner that goes beyond the brief, leveraging cutting-edge technology to confidently move towards your commercial objectives.

Leading Mobile Technology

Create a powerful mobile experience using the latest technology. Expect responsive mobile apps that incorporate stunning and dynamic UIs with the highest levels of usability from our expert app developers. We work closely with you to maximise the benefit from our consultancy and studio processes to support you on both sides of deployment.

Whether you’re building a native app or delivering cross-platform technology. Our software engineering team have app development expertise and tech stacks to back it up. Including standout proficiency with React Native builds.

Solid Product Strategy

Take a proven approach to app development. Using our refined toolkit and industry-leading app development processes, you can be confident that technology is backed by solid strategy. Starting with product discovery, we get to the bottom of what your product needs to do by asking the right questions. We’re not interested in putting up barriers. Open, honest and direct communication is our way of working.

With a consistent focus on the user experience, you can be sure your app will be driven by user-centric insights and quality data. We quickly progress always testing and refining based on your needs and user feedback. Our eagle-eyed quality assurance team will ensure that no bugs go under the radar and your product is delivered working to the highest standard - on time and to budget.


£3 Million Investment Secured

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React Native is a powerful tool for building robust cross-platform apps, allowing us to create powerful singular mobile experiences for iOS and Android, without the need to switch between different coding languages.

React Native Development for Exceptional Mobile Experiences

React Native allows us to develop for a variety of app platforms. This keeps all your code in a consistent language so it's easy to manage and maintain, a unified user experience whether iOS or Android and can allow us to take advantage of efficiencies as a result of a streamlined approach. Benefits of using React Native for mobile app development projects include:


React Native is an open-source framework developed by Facebook, meaning it’s free and widely supported, with a strong community of developers for support.


React Native allows developers to create Android and iOS apps using a single platform, rather than two different languages. This makes it easier for a single developer to work across both platforms, making it a more efficient choice.

Stability and Performance

React Native is an open-source framework developed by Meta, meaning it’s free and widely supported, with a strong community of developers for support.


Web Development

We have a proven track record in applying our extensive knowledge and industry-savvy to a web development project. From web applications to managing custom builds and CMS, you can count on 19 years of experience to deliver the highest standards in web development to meet your demanding project requirements.

Create Web Platforms That Meet The Demands Of Your Business’ Challenges With A Proven Web Development Team

We’re consistently focused on how the products we build solve your biggest business challenges. As a result, we have a knack for spotting web development opportunities. Accelerate your growth and set out a strategically sound approach from the onset.

At the beginning of any project, we understand the unique challenges your business is facing - not getting distracted by the symptoms of a problem, but addressing the root cause directly. A good team asking the right questions makes a difference to your bottom line and avoid time-wasting with unhelpful fluff.

Powerful, Integrated Web Development Services

Using a refined toolkit and industry-leading web development processes, you can be confident that technology is backed by solid strategy and commercial logic. We integrate user experience into web development projects to ensure you’re delivered a customer-centric product that builds toward a return on investment.

Advancing intelligently, we test and refine based on feedback and collaborate closely with your internal stakeholders to make sure you’re in the loop as your web project progresses.

Structure flow

Agile Software Development for Cutting-Edge LawTech Startup

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PHP is an efficient, open-source scripting language. It is flexible and easy to expand upon and powers some of the most popular websites in the world. We work on a range of PHP frameworks including WordPress and Laravel.

KOMODO's Highly Experienced Development Team Are Well-Versed In A Range Of PHP Web Development Frameworks

PHP is a popular scripting language, and can be used alone or with a variety of different frameworks depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Bringing our web development experience to the table, we deliver outstanding results using several different PHP frameworks.

Take advantage of PHP’s flexibility

PHP is an efficient scripting language offering good compatibility, integration and scalability. It is widely supported, with developers worldwide and a strong community offering great support. PHP is very flexible, making it easy to work with, expand and update. It’s also open-source, making it a cost-effective choice.



JavaScript is a core building block of the digital world. With just under 1.5 million officially registered libraries, JavaScript is a dream playground for software developers. And by extension, your business. We work with a range of JavaScript libraries and frameworks, but we really deliver with ReactJS.

Building unforgettable interactive experiences with ReactJS

React is adept at creating high quality and interactive user interfaces. The library is widely-supported and easy to work with, speeding up development with features such as reusable components which speeds up delivery times and cut costs.

Work With A Software Development Team You Can Trust To Deliver

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