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We are a strong team of passionate software developers, committed to complex mobile apps that are easy to use, and website builds where an outstanding user experience always comes first. It’s our interest to provide actionable insight and expertise at every step of the development process.

From the initial idea and scoping, to the design and development of an engaging user interface, right through to the launch of the finished app. We collectively take pride in our agile methodology,  transparency and our understanding of your users.

Our team is made up of specialists in developing software and platforms that can solve the technology problems and gaps existing in various sectors, from emergency and public services to utility and social housing organisations, and much more. Our vision is to find better, smarter ways to do things. To develop secure and robust solutions for the systems you simply can’t afford to go wrong.

We want to work with organisations that are open to exploring new ideas, new technology and to disrupting (in a positive way) the very infrastructure that determines our current thinking and way of doing things. In return, if you’re looking for a talented team of developers and designers to take on that next step or breathe new life and efficiency into an existing platform or process, then we believe we’ll be the right fit for you.

Who are you creating it for?

Our main focus when starting any new project, and developing on any existing, is to ask who the end product is for. Great apps and web platforms have the ability to optimise your internal workflow and increase your organisation’s productivity, as we did with Northumbria Police. In the form of an end-user product or service, they can also give your users new opportunities, increase your resources or their understanding and utilise innovative technologies across devices, as we are currently seeing across social housing.

Our solutions have a strong focus on intuitive and user-friendly interfaces and value-added functionality. As part of the journey, among other steps we build detailed user stories to inform every action. These user stories are short, simple descriptions of a feature told from the perspective of the user or customer of the system that capture what a user does or needs to do within the platform.

Developing Agile

We work to proven development methodologies, ensuring technically solid website and app builds. We strongly advocate an agile workflow, which includes adaptive planning and continuous improvement, encouraging customer satisfaction through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.

During the development stage, we take into consideration platform infrastructure, technical SEO, performance, browser compatibility and user accessibility. We’re transparent about the technologies and methodologies we use, as we’re keen to involve our clients where it adds value to their experience and the project as a whole.

Iterations and Improvement

For us, a project is never truly over. We’ll always be there to act as a collaborator and additional arm to your business. Once live, we aim to continually assist with user feedback, product evaluation, A/V testing and ongoing iterations of your product.

Many of our testing practices are automated to ensure they are consistently replicated in a controlled environment, allowing us to reliably find, fix and protect against regressions.

What we offer:

  • Mobile app development (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, cross-platform)
  • Web development (Apps, responsive websites, WordPress installations)
  • Backend & CMS implementation
  • API & middleware
  • Strategy development
  • Planning and specification
  • User experience & interface design
  • Testing & deployment
  • Training & support
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Iteration and improvement
  • Maintenance and aftercare


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