Access A Comprehensive Research Process To Engage With Your Users And Clarify Product Requirements

Research is no longer nice to have, it’s a necessity. Our approach is built on three core areas. User, design and tech research. Each is a core component to deliver on at the beginning of any project to guide user-centred design.

At KOMODO, we’re well equipped to offer insightful research across all three areas. From user research specialists to R&D, we’ve got all you need to make sure you’ve got the right research to create the best digital product. Deliver beyond what users expect and strengthen your bottom line with leading research practices.


User Research

Break down your challenges with research, analysis and interpretation that highlight the detail you need to make effective decisions. We gather rich data and slide it under the microscope - breaking down the barrier between raw data and valuable knowledge. Investing in understanding your user fuels your progress by providing what’s really crucial: genuinely actionable insights.

Comprehensive User Research Process

Understanding your users is a basic requirement for creating digital products and services that reach their full potential. Through implementing a comprehensive user research process, you arm yourself with objective and reliable data that helps you measurably understand your users.

At KOMODO, we offer a thorough research process that puts your user at the centre. By drawing on research findings, we offer clear analysis and insights that help you make informed decisions on product strategy.


Discovery is essential to fully understand your current position and your users to align your objectives with the correct research strategy.

No two research projects are the same, so our expert research team will challenge assumptions and offer practical guidance to scope out what the best user research looks like for your organisation.


By using scientifically grounded user research methods, we’ll identify your user’s journey to map out their core drivers and intent.

We use a Mixed-Method approach that will give width and depth to your data making it both quantifiable and contextually rich.


Never underestimate the power of analysis. Breaking down raw data into meaningful assets is crucial. So, we carefully synthesise and code data to find patterns and meaning to deliver the highest quality insights.

Of course, we make sure all your data is readily available and conforms to the highest levels of data protection.


The eureka moment. Pulling research findings together to create evidence-based insights that drive better decision making and demystify product direction.

We’ll help you confidently move forward with development by drawing significant conclusions and providing breakthrough ideas - laying the foundations for your design strategy.

Design Output

Take your findings one step further. With our in-house experts at KOMODO, we can act on research outcomes and convert them into actionable design deliverables. We offer valuable advice that turns user data into reality.

This can take the form of a design workshop, wireframing, rapid prototyping, UX and other design-centric services we offer that ensures the best possible user experience for your digital products - based on the evidence.

Objective Setting: The Foundation For Effective User Research


Design Research

Design research enables empathy and understanding. Unlike user research, where the goal is to extract insight from users, design research focuses on building an understanding of the design challenges and defining the problem. Design research is time well spent to create the best possible digital experiences.

Data-Driven Awareness

Design research can be broken down into two halves. The first is understanding the wider landscape of your industry. Building on user research, we look at available data such as analytics, industry trends, how your competitors shape up and ethnographic research.

By building this wider knowledge, we can understand the moving parts that affect the products we build and what that means for your users. The context allows us to build on our user research to add detail to the way we approach your users’ problems.

Accessibility in Digital Design


Don’t Just Research It. Bring It To Life

The other half of design research is nailing down the specifics of the user experience and framing it productively. First, we’ll nail down user personas and journeys. Using the data collected from user and design research we produce a solid grasp of your user's core drivers and needs.

Knowing how your users will move through the product is just as important as understanding their needs, wants and frustrations. That’s why mapping a site's architecture and user flows is a vital outcome in design research.


Tech Research

Technical requirements matter from day one. You probably already have an idea of the technology you want/need to use. But on our side, we must deliver your requirements with the technology available

Choose The Right Tools For The Job

Depending on what your business requires, the stage in your product's lifecycle and what it is, technology research can vary in terms of scope. With our experience across industries and project types, we can confidently recognise tech requirements. Whether that’s a particular programming language or framework.

However, if you’ve got a new idea without a recognised solution (common on the Revolution track), we need to carefully research how we will approach your technology challenges and find a practical solution. In the long run, this cuts out errors later on in the project, saving your time, money and resources.

An insight into AR (Augmented Reality)


Harness The Power Of User Research

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