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We Guide, You Move

Access a studio team of experts whose proven product capabilities guides you through a structured process that builds an understanding of core user needs to support an effective, collaborative design process.

This process provides your end-users with an optimal experience that delivers a competitive edge and supports measurable business growth.

How? KOMODO’s 3-3-5 process.


We Get You

Typically we deliver value into 3 tracks. Choose the one that best fits your own story.


You are changing the game and creating a unicorn.

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Things haven’t gone to plan. Ctrl/Alt/Delete.

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You have a good product but need a ‘great’ product.

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We’ve Got You

Applying understanding, creativity and intelligence delivers a clear-cut digital product design return on investment.


A better customer experience beats the competition.

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Innovation establishes market leaders.

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Smarter execution saves time and money.

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Trust the Process

Our proven process; configured to meet your teams’ individual needs and objectives.


Gather data. Empathise with users. Frame the problem.


Identify the scope, create the roadmap.


Explore ideas, find the winner.


Build, test and launch a better product, faster.


Have we met the challenge. What’s next?

Better is, well, better. Right?

Let’s get the ball rolling with a short, structured call that allows us to understand your challenges and see if there’s a mutual fit. 20 minutes well spent.

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Case Studies

We love success stories. Here are a few that we’ve helped create.


£3m Investment Secured

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Intuitive Web-Based Tool for Property Sale Compliance

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Actionable Insights

Introducing 3-3-5: The product studio evolution. Showing a graphic depiction of the KOMODO process

Meet 3-3-5: A Creative Product Studio Methodology For Growth

  Over the last 20 years, KOMODO has continually evolved to meet the needs of an ever-shifting digital landscape. Recently, we have made significant investments and service refinements that further evolve and enhance our proposition to meet current market needs—moving to a bespoke designed, state-of-the-art studio in Newcastle’s historic Dean Street. Our Cathedral Buildings HQ

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How to improve an app cover image

How To Improve An App? Refine, Refine, Refine!

  Area: Refinement Wondering how to improve an app once it’s live? Here are our thoughts on the importance of refinement and why an app should never be labelled ‘done.’ Adopt an iterative approach and you’ll have an app that stays ahead of competitors, cuts out bugs and keeps users engaged.      Why updates

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“Finished” = Dead: Why An Iterative Design Process Means Your Product Will Never Die

Software is a living thing that must evolve to survive. That means that once you commit to a software development project. Whether that’s for a traditional desktop program or a mobile app, you are in many ways committing to a long lifecycle of support and updates. An ongoing iterative design process. What happens if you

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