Nine Amazing Additions To The Team At KOMODO

A screenshot of a video call showing the new team members
A screenshot of a video call showing the new team members
A screenshot of a video call showing the new team members

The past year has been a whirlwind, there’s no denying it. As we mark the one-year anniversary of the UK going into national lockdown this week, we wanted to share some positive news! Despite the challenges and hurdles 2020 and 2021 have presented us, we’re still making waves as we go from strength to strength.


In a time where the UK economy and job market have been tested, KOMODO has been lucky enough to take on 9 new team members in the last 6 months alone. We are exceptionally grateful that we can continue to grow in this way.

Our new team members are helping us to expand across all areas of the business. From talented software engineers and digital designers to business operations roles with a new project coordinator and digital marketer.

Our people are at the core of KOMODO and we believe that they are our most important asset. In fact, our second company law states:

“More than the sum of our parts; nothing without

We have been very lucky to introduce these talented professionals to our team:

Adam - Apprentice Software Engineer

James - Associate Digital Designer

Charles - Software Engineer

Lloyd - Associate Software Engineer

Holly - Associate Digital Designer

Tristan - Software Engineer

Sandor - Software Engineer

Clare - Project Coordinator

Matty - Copywriting & Comms Exec

We had a quick catch up with some of them in a call to see how they’ve been settling in and ask what they’ve been working on.

Lloyd - Associate Software Engineer

Lloyd is currently working for KOMODO part-time as he juggles doing an amazing job with us and completing his MEng in Computer Science at The University of Warwick.

We asked him how he was settling in and he responded,

“Working remotely at KOMODO has been a great experience - everyone is really helpful and has made it feel just as social as if we were still in the office, with events like the Christmas party and lunchtime social calls!”

When asked about his studies and what the future holds, he remarked,

“It's going alright so far, the uni's been pretty decent in terms of adapting to remote learning. Hopefully, after I graduate, I'll be joining KOMODO full-time”

Clare - Project Coordinator

When we asked Clare to give us an insight into her role in managing our exciting projects, she explained,

“My main objective is to set up internal and client reporting across all projects. I ensure sprints are on track and helping with any issues the team may have. I attend daily standups and sprint meetings and get involved in any new projects that we are undertaking.”

Holly - Associate Designer

Holly has been busy since she started, working on various projects internally and externally, she told us,

“I originally started working on KOMODO’s social media channels and the website.”

When asked what she’s been working on recently, she said,

“Currently, I am working on a new client project. I’ve been participating in the discovery session, problem-solving and developing sitemaps and wireframes. It’s definitely a challenging brief but I am learning a lot every day.”

Matty - Copywriting & Comms Exec

Our newest recruit Matty has been brought on board to help steer our digital marketing and communications. We asked him what he found the most fun about his first couple of weeks.

“I have enjoyed chatting with the team and getting to know them. Everyone I’ve met so far has been so helpful and kind. I’m eager to get to work creating new content and putting it out to the world.”

What’s your biggest challenge at the moment?

“There’s lots of new knowledge to process and absorb within the realms of tech, but the steep learning curve is ultimately what’s going to make me produce the best work I can going forward.”

Adapting to #WFM

Undoubtedly, one of this year’s biggest challenges has been adapting to the #WFH lifestyle. We asked Charles and Adam about it. Adam pointed out,

“KOMODO's accommodation and understanding for working from home have been second to none.”

Charles added,

“Sitting at home surrounded by my own laundry has been a bit of an adjustment, but KOMODO has done a stellar job of helping us stay productive without burning out. It's easy to forget that working from home also means living at work.”

What’s next for our team?

We wish all our new team members the best of luck. Many of them, however, have already settled in and are doing a cracking job. The next few months look promising for KOMODO and we are currently working with some exciting partners.

The team as a whole are also looking forward to our Spring Fling Party on the 9th of April where we’ll be able to blow off some steam with some party games. We’ve got a stack of pizzas and drinks being delivered straight to our staff’s doors to celebrate what has been a great start to 2021.

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