KOMODO welcomes first fully-remote Senior hire

Jamie, sat at his desk smiling. There's a monitor displaying a code editor
Jamie, sat at his desk smiling. There's a monitor displaying a code editor
Jamie, sat at his desk smiling. There's a monitor displaying a code editor

We’re delighted to welcome Jamie Hill, a widely-experienced software engineer based in Glasgow, to our permanent team as Senior Software Engineer. His appointment is the first fully-remote hire in the company, as the core team have previously all worked from our Newcastle-based HQ.

In response to COVID-19, the business went fully-remote in March 2020 and as such, the case for bringing remote-based staff from other regions in the UK into the team was made.

Hill brings 16 years of experience in software development and engineering, with particular focus on JavaScript and TypeScript, as well as test automation and quality assurance, gained in businesses and agencies across Scotland.

Jamie, who is currently working towards a Masters degree in Software Engineering, said “KOMODO really stood out to me because of the wide range of client projects being worked on, which will no doubt present an opportunity to continuously learn and explore the wide breadth of technology solutions possible.  Whilst I’m permanently-remote, the team have made a great effort to help me settle in and despite being over 200 miles away, snacks are still finding their way to me in the post!”

Andy Greener, MD here at KOMODO, spoke of this latest hire, saying: “Whilst COVID-19 has presented an abundance of challenges to businesses, there are some opportunities, too. Prior to the pandemic, remote-hiring wasn’t something we were really doing, but as the whole team is now working-from-home, we decided it was time to branch out and seek talent from across the country.

“Our recruitment process has gone fully-digital, so where we’d usually have on-site tech challenges and face-to-face interviews, we’re using technology instead, and it’s working just well. We’re no longer restricted by postcode (although, as a NE-based company, the region will always be our priority) and can seek brilliant people like Jamie from across the UK. He’s a great addition to KOMODO and this hire marks the start of a recruitment drive as we look to expand the team further over the coming months”, Greener continued.

In other exciting news, we’re excited for the upcoming renovation of KOMODO HQ! The pandemic has given us all a lot to think about - office space as we knew it is set for a shake-up and as such, we’re going to be overhauling the studio to create a “hub” environment that will be set up for staff to safely hot-desk when needed, as well as better-equipped collaborative spaces to safely host clients for Client Discovery sessions and the like. The project is set to kick off in late October, so stay tuned on our social channels for further information.

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