Northumbria University Student Brief Completion

Work wrapped up with the Northumbria University collaboration, which involved a presentation given by the 3 students to Komodo. It was a quick project but one which I believe both parties enjoyed being involved with. It was great seeing from our perspective how the students consistently took advice onboard and amended their project accordingly. You can catch up on the last article here.


This week was all about finalising our concepts and creating a finished prototype.

From the meeting we had with Catherine and James last week, we completed a user flow for the guest, onboarding and the main app contents as well has some higher fidelity wireframes and prototypes. We were invited back to the Komodo studio so we could show this work off.

Jack and Woody were present for this meeting, and a good thing too, because they brought up some interesting queries about the guest section. Their thoughts on the matter were that the guest section is creating more work than what’s needed and that if some main features were accessible on the guest section, why go through the effort of keeping them locked out of this. Without much hesitation or conflict, we got rid of the guest section to streamline the experience for the user.


Another issue that was raised were the onboarding questions for the user sign-up. Originally, we needed key information about the user’s studies, such as each instalment of maintenance and tuition loan, the start date of the university, location, study length and more. We were doing what we wanted to avoid, walls of confusing text. So, with the help of the Komodo team, we were able to create an onboarding experience that required as little information as we needed to set up their account with reminders of what they will need to finish the sign-up process as well as a brief explanation of what each section is about and why the app requires to have that information.

With many re-worked wireframes, user flows and prototypes we were able to create the first pass of a finished prototype that we could show Komodo the day before the project deadline. The final day came around and we presented what we had done for each week and the steps we took to get to where we were.

Overall the experience we had with Komodo was so beneficial to us. Working alongside professionals and adapting what they know to our own project was an opportunity that will stay with us throughout our careers. We hope to work with them again soon. 


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