Meet 3-3-5: A Creative Product Studio Methodology For Growth

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An image which shows three tracks, three traits, and five steps on an emerald green background.
An image which shows three tracks, three traits, and five steps on an emerald green background.
An image which shows three tracks, three traits, and five steps on an emerald green background.

Over the last 20 years, Digital Product Studio, KOMODO has continually evolved to meet the needs of an ever-shifting digital landscape. Recently, we have made significant investments and service refinements that further evolve and enhance our proposition to meet current market needs—moving to a bespoke designed, state-of-the-art studio in Newcastle’s historic Dean Street. Our Cathedral Buildings HQ embraces modern working methods. The evolution of our company's visual identity brings new energy and focus to our brand. Crucially, we’ve further optimised the way we work. This evolution defines our approach and distils all our learning: KOMODO’s signature 3-3-5 methodology. Founder, Andy Greener comments: “KOMODO is constantly learning and adapting. We look to where web and mobile technologies are moving and remain at the forefront of digital product innovation for our clients in the UK and beyond. We’re product people by nature and utilise effective processes to solve complex challenges rapidly. 3-3-5 is built from the mindset that has always been at the heart of what we do — delivering better digital products and services, faster.”


Delivering Better, Faster

Directly formed from the experience we have gained delivering hundreds of projects across just about every industry you can think of since 2003, 3-3-5 is a proven methodology designed to provide value to your digital roadmap. KOMODO’s mission is to create and craft great products - not simply to produce deliverables that check boxes. This is represented in a key mantra we work to: product, over production. Our 3-3-5 method comprises 3 Tracks, 3 Traits and 5 Steps.


Project Tracks

We get you.

Team in a workshop

Work within digital for long enough (try two decades), and you start seeing the same patterns. This isn’t us putting you into a box, it’s an effective way for us to understand how we add the most value to the work we do for you by informing us what the most useful methods to employ for you are. 

We’ve learned that our 3 core client tracks are:

  1. Revolution: You’re launching a new product. 

  2. Refinement: You want to make a ‘good’ product great.

  3. Reboot: If something's not working, we’ll help you rethink your approach.


Studio Traits

We’ve got you. Our Traits inform and guide how we operate. They are at the core of what makes us, well, us.



We believe understanding comes before all else. It’s vital to the work we do every day and central to delivering success. We dive into every aspect of your product, the quirks and perks of how it works. Our team ask smart (and sometimes seemingly stupid) questions - digging, poking and peering to discover solutions. We extensively research the customer and market in close detail. Until we 100% ‘get’ the challenge we are preparing to overcome, we leave no stone unturned.  Understanding underpins the most compelling product experiences. It makes what KOMODO builds, ‘better’.



We believe that creativity is the ‘magic bullet’ that establishes market leaders.  It’s more than just bringing good ideas to the table. It’s about developing a product that helps your customers, reflects the purpose of your business and finds the unique opportunities your competition misses.  A creative approach is the key to competitive advantage. It is central to our delivery mindset.


Working at the stidio



Smarter execution saves time and money.  This is a truism we believe and, applying our know-how will get your product from ‘A’ to ‘B’ faster. We use the skills, tools and methods that are going to do the job best, for you. No two products are the same and neither is our approach.   KOMODO. Working hard at working smart for our clients since 2003 ;-)


5–Step Process

Trust the process. Two decades have taught us more lessons than we care to recall. We know our ‘onions’ when it comes to building better digital products & services and have honed our craft through the delivery of hundreds of projects. This is our process. There are many like it but this is our own.

  • Understand: Gather data. Empathise with users. Correctly frame the problem.

  • Define: Clarify the scope. Create an intelligent roadmap. Set ambitious goals.

  • Ideate: Explore ideas. Measure twice, and cut once. Find the winner.

  • Create: Build smart. Test, test and re-test. Launch with confidence.

  • Reflect: Measure impact. Lessons learned. Plan for the future.

It just works.


3-3-5 Gets Results

We talk the talk but, we walk the walk.  Working with a huge variety of clients across different sectors, we deliver real value with our work.  We’ve:

  • Helped clients scale from Zero to Hero. With tech, we helped create being trusted by over 4,000 agents and driving £1bn in sales. 

  • Delivered a client a 100% return on investment in the first year - generating £0.75m in sales growth.

  • Supported an Insurtech client in securing a £3m funding raise.

  • Increased a 4000+ workforce’s productivity by 30% through mobile tech.

  • Reduced error rates in a complex digital system greatly reduced yearly labour for a national non-profit organisation.

Client success doesn’t stop there, you can read all of our case studies here


Do you have a digital product or service that could perform better? Are you looking to create and launch a new innovative product? Has the delivery of your product been frustrating in some way? Our team provides the expertise that will help you deliver a better digital product to market - faster. Arrange a short, structured call to assess whether there is an opportunity for us to support and add a positive impact to your design and development process. You can look at our services here:

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