Exploring the UX Kit through AR

The introduction of our UX Kit was a new way for Komodo to engage with people. In our progress to become more open source, we wanted to give teams the opportunity to facilitate their own discovery workshop in-house. It’s part of our own discovery process, so we’ve given teams the chance to understand the process for themselves. This way there’s no risk or commitment for teams to be worried about. Learn more about the UX Kit here.


Workshops build a team-wide understanding of broader project challenges and develop aligned plans before committing time and resources into production.

Learn more about the UX Kit

The Problem

We already have video explainers to demonstrate the steps of the UX Kit. But the touchpoint from paper product to web is for teams to either refer back to their joining email or to type in manually the link for the resource page. The same goes for getting in contact for step 3, facilitating a workshop with us.

A Different Way to Engage

Being a company who design and develop digital products. We came up with a mini concept to digitise the UX Kit and help guide teams through the steps. Through the use of AR, we bridged the gap between our product, the digital resources we have to offer and a quicker way to set up a workshop with us.

Phone mock up displaying the UX kit AR flow

Steps 1 and 2 are the hands-on activities for the teams to participate in. Our small leaflets explain the how, why and what for their contents, but sometimes it’s easier to be shown how things are done.

We’re using image recognition on the 3 leaflets to link up the resources. When someone uses their phone to look at steps 1 or 2, a button link will appear. An animation representing the step is also displayed for extra delight. The button will open the video in the browser to avoid taking them out of the experience.

Phone mock up displaying the UX kit AR flow for Step 3. Following through to form application

A New Touchpoint

A touchpoint is where your customer interacts with your product/service/brand. Sending out a UX Kit is our way of teaching people about the importance of empathy and user research for their product and service. For us, it is a way of starting a conversation or at least sparking the interest for one. Because the UX Kit is a physical product, there’s not a smooth transition between the product and a person getting in touch.

For step 3, the button is a call to action for the team to book a workshop with us. It makes it feel like an extension to the session rather than the team finishing the steps and having to step away from it to get in touch with Komodo by phone or email.

The form creates a more personal application by asking what they are looking for. It also provides an opportunity to send over the work that they had completed. A crossover that isn’t presented in the current UX Kit. It brings more value to the work they have completed, showing our interest in them.

We help teams across the UK deliver successful digital projects. If you’d like to have a conversation with us, we’ll put the kettle on.

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