Komodo UX Kit

Having worked with organisations taking steps to innovate and transform their product and service offering, we found common gaps in experience and capability. From years of our own insight and client input, we’ve produced an open source design toolkit intended to help teams deliver design discovery in-house. The Komodo UX kit provides the foundations for a collaborative agile project where ideas and decisions can be made as a group.

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User Personas

As a digital transformation tool, ‘personas’ allow you to gain a structured understanding of the human profile for key types of users. User personas are a starting point for successful digital projects, where the objective is to create a user-centric product or service that people prefer to use. Understanding users allow your team to align on a view of customer groups, evaluate their needs and build empathy. If your goal is to optimise existing workflows or products, this simple process allows you to create focus and prioritise improvements.


1. Start – Select a brick character to use as a physical representation of the persona. It’s a helpful aid to relate the persona you create to a real person.

2. Detail – Use the included template to define a name, age, location and occupation as well as behavioural and personality traits. These help to clearly define a persona.

3. Repeat – Adding detail creates a more effective persona. Repeat the exercise for as many types of user as you have.

If you’d like to download additional user persona templates, you can do so here:


User Needs

Expanding user personas by defining user needs, tasks and frustrations form the basis of a backlog of user stories. Detailed user needs shape the features, functionality and experience of a user-centric digital solution.


1. Needs – Use one set of coloured sticky notes to write down the individual needs and expectations for each user persona.

2. Tasks – Now use another set of coloured sticky notes to write down as many different tasks as each persona would carry out.

3. Frustrations – Using the last set of coloured sticky notes, write down all of the different frustrations or concerns the persona might have.


Next Steps? A Facilitated Workshop – On Us

If your team would like to approach a problem in a ‘Design Thinking’ way and you’d appreciate some expert guidance, Komodo will facilitate and lead a complimentary half-day discovery workshop. In this practical session you’ll establish your goals and define a ‘Problem Statement’, and we’ll produce a report detailing actionable insights and recommendations.

The only remuneration we expect is direct and honest feedback on how you found the process so we can learn from your experience and improve our service proposition.

To find out more about how a discovery workshop can help your organisation or arrange one with our team, email us at and we’ll answer any questions you may have.


Request a free Komodo UX Kit

Although our program is currently invite-only, we’d like to get a Komodo UX Kit in the hands of as many teams as possible. If you think your team would benefit, request a kit and we’ll put you in the queue. If you know someone with a box you can ask them to refer you.


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